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Today’s video is about CleanPlanet!

We live on this planet, so it’s our responsibility to take care of it and make the best out of it.

Most of our environment is filled with items that do not belong there such as plastic, rubber, textiles etc..

Litter Cleanplanet.png

CleanPlanet Kid picking up rubbish.png

@cleanplanet was created to show that there are solutions to deal with it. And the solution to the problem lies with every single one of us.

It only can get successful if everyone is doing the same thing – cleaning! Which we can do from everywhere, doesn’t matter where you live, how you live and with whom you live! We need to work as a team!

Clean the Planet and Earn Money and Tokens.

Here is How You Become A Cleaner:

How Can I Start Clean Planet.png

If you don’t have a Steemit account and you discovered this article on Google follow the steps below to create your Steemit account:

Create an Account Steemit.png

Click Here

Create Steemit Account Instrocutions.png


Without donation cleanplanet could not survive. It is a none profit organisation!

Here is how you can donate to cleanplanet:

Click Here To Donate

Donate to Clean Planet.png

There is also a way to donate in Bitcoin:

DOnate to CleanPlanet in Bitcoin.png

The ranking of all the users:

These tables allow you to consult the number of points allocated to each user according to their donations and actions, in complete transparency.

These points will allow the future Clean Tokens to be distributed on a pro rata basis.

Cleanplanet ranking users.png

Ranking Users

Now that you know how you can help to save our beautiful planet take action and let people know about your activities.

Save the Earth, Save Ourselves!

If you have any questions or would like to add something, feel free to drop a message in the comments section.

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@mvd, Brilliant explanation about @cleanplanet project. Also guys you all collect cleaning items with mutual collaboration. Yep...I agree, donation must needed to growing cleanplanet community. So I delegated some SP to non profitable @cleanplanet project. Currently I'm looking more steemians attend to clean our earth for preserve mother nature. Next generation will see how we save our earth. Your information really important to find many things.

Thank you very much. 😬 That's a good thing.Good job! I recovered my steempower as well and I will donate another 50 today 😁

Protect our earth today for our children's tomorrow

I think it is a good project! If people see others keeping the planet clean they will be more mindful of their surroundings.

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Hmmm.... I must look what it is :)

You have to.😊 You can earn some good rewards as well.🏕

Thank you!! And I try :)

Awesome 😘

Sehr sinnvolle Sache !
Werde es auf jeden Fall, all meinen Freunden und Bekannten weiter erzählen.

Ja 😄Super hat es ja schon mal was gebracht. Danke dir 😀

I don't know about this one. I think it is rather redundant. I think just being aware of your environment and making sure that you keep it clean as much as you can, and make others aware of the importance of keeping things clean should be sufficient. I am not sure that overloading the blockchain with videos showing people picking up trash is really necessary, or that it will save the planet in any way. Besides, in the words of the late George Carlin the planet is fine, it's the people who are [email protected]%ed. I'm not trying to be a dink. I just think that there is may be a bit too much posing disguised as genuine attempts to better the world. If people are not aware of the fact that they should not throw trash onto the sidewalk, then I do not think that seeing a bunch of people picking it up will help. I like in Korea, where children in schools are on a regular basis taken outside onto the school premises to pick up litter. They are directly involved in the process of picking up trash. All kids, in all schools, and STILL I see kids throw garbage randomly on streets. We need proper education, not videos showing other people picking up trash.....but that's just my opinion.

I really do enjoy your content though, I think you provide a lot of help for the community. I'm not bashing your video, just don't think that this is a project I personally would be standing behind.

Well, you have to motivate people in some way. And like I mentioned at the end of the video that you should educate people in the first place. Same as you said in your comment right now. Probably it would be a good idea to enhance this movement with some fresh and better ideas... You know that it always starts with an idea and then it becomes something else :)

like in Korea, where children in schools are on a regular basis taken outside onto the school premises to pick up litter.

In my home country Luxembourg it is very similar, I'm not sure how Australian people are dealing with this...

I do think that the concept is excellent, you always need people to pick up the trash, you can't stop it. Just assuming that you are not looking at your kid for a second and it throws garbage on the street, you need someone to pick it up.

Probably the idea of recording videos where you pick up the trash isn't the best, but people should think about it when they do it and get some awareness isn't a bad thing.

Okay, most of the people aren't taking it serious.

Anyway, cleanplanet made me really think about this topic again, that's why I wanted to support the project, and probably we can create a movement, and the community can come up with new ideas, etc. :) I think that every startup or non-profit organization needs a chance.

I am all for keeping our living space clean, and I fully agree with you that things start with an idea, but I stick to my initial belief that plastering cleaning videos all over the blockchain is not the way to go. I hope the project can get some traction, develop its ideas and create something substantial and meaningful.

Well, nobody can find them anyway because the search engine is broken 🤪 Yes, let's see what will happen.I believe in the project 😀

Hey Its the weekend!

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Yeah, but I have to work everyday 😊 I felt asleep sorry for that, what about you 🙃?

I work Monday to Friday. Weekends are for my family.

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I'm the opposite of the campaign. I'm willing to heave trash everywhere I travel to give the do-gooders something to work for. I like spreading my antithesis joy to the Captain Planet lovers of the world!

Throw trash to give some cash...

Interesting...may be pushing it to the dsrk side of the spectrum here brother....

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That's what I mean 🤪 How can we solve this problem?

Interesting...may be pushing it to the dsrk side of the spectrum here brother....

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Very good initiative to clean & save our planet !

Yes, now you have to go outside and let people know about it. 😘

I already on the way ;)

I need to investigate more about this proyect because so many friends are hook on in this work...

Thanks for share my beauty friend ! I don’t see you shine a long time here in dtube

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Hey 😁 You have to check it out. If everyone is doing a little we can create a huge movement all over the world. Yes, I am busy can't upload everyday because business school is starting next week, so I have to prepare some stuff 🙃

Are you a teacher ? Mee too so lovely.

No, I am not... I'm studying 😃

Yes, people are generating a lot of rubbish. It seems that no one cares about the planet, our home. It's a shame that you and me are living at the same time as those monsters😂😂 I think that we must change the mind of all the people for saving the planet. Sometimes I think that we were more humanised in the paleolithic. Said that (I know my English is not perfect), I love your post😊.

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@josech yes!!! it's crazy what companies create for us that we actually don't need, but we still going to buy it because we think that we need it! Such a waste! Plus, I still believe that there isn't enough education about waste/rubbish and that this can harm the planet and us!

Thanks for watching!😃

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Thank you so much to promote our Movement on Steem Blockchain !
Really, @cleanplanet Team thanks you a lot.
We are waiting for eco-citizen acts now, and of course with this non profit spirit some delegations.
See you soon @mvd

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