Uneek & New Era Talk Their Come Up, Frustration w/ DJs, Their Brand J&B + More! | The Hip-Hop Shop

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Today on The Hip-Hop Shop Uneek & New Era stopped by The Shop to break down their new project My Talk is Different along with conversation regarding their come up, frustration with local DJs, their brand J&B, and their tight partnership!

The Hip-Hop Shop is a place where listeners can come together and indulge in only the best music the genre has to offer. You can also expect weekly freestyles by myself along with interviews of both established and up coming artists.

If you wish to come on the show for an interview please comment below so I can get your information!

What Did You Enjoy Most About My Interview W/ Uneek & New Era? Please Comment Below!

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Following, and I love it. Keep the hip hop interviews rolling through. DTube has got to support you!!

Wow man, thank you soooooo much for this comment. I really appreciate it you have no idea!!! :) I won't give up!

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