Nakayla On The Writing Process, Streaming Services, Her Definition of Beauty + MORE!

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Whats up Fam?! For today's episode please welcome Nakayla! She is a 17 year old singer from Texas with a ton of passion. In this interview we cover various different topics, hope you enjoy!

Here is a breakdown of our conversation:

1.) Nakayla talks about the creation process of her first EP the writer (3.22)

2.) How she felt overwhelmed when putting her EP together (5:28)

3.) How involved she was in the writing process for her EP (7:00)

4.) Her song “Out Of Your League” and what it means to her (8:56)

5.) Her feature with rapper Lil Miles and how it helped her reach with a new audience (9:45)

6.)Her songs Gone Today and Dear Dad and the personal importance of both those records to her (12:38)

7.) Her song “Dear Dad” and how she wrote this for both herself and for listeners who miss their fathers (14:02)

8.) Why releasing EPs as a new artists is better than dropping a full length album (15:00) (HOT TAKE)

9.) How Nakayla learned the ins and outs of the music business at such a young age (18:23)

10.) How to get your music on streaming services (19:10) (HOT TAKE)

11.) How Nakayla is able to channel her passion into the music (21:22)

12.) Nakayla on pulling from other peoples experiences with her songwriting (22:56)

13.) Nakayla breaks down the importance in being authentic with her records (24:20)

14.) How Nakayla has established self awareness (26:55)

15.) The moment when Nakayla decided to quit music and later finding her voice (27:31)

16.) Her new EP, “She Is” and the kind of sound she is trying to reach for (31:08)

17.) We talk about societies perception of beauty and Nakayla’s own definition of the word (33:02)

Comment Below and let me know your thoughts about the interview! If you want an interview, please comment below!

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