Lilo Key On Being Bullied In Highschool, Discovering The Winning Formula for Success + More!

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Whats up, fam?! On this episode of The Hip-Hop Shop I sit down with Lilo Key! Be sure to go check out his SoundCloud page to learn more about his music!

Here is a breakdown of our conversation:

Growing up in Amish Pennsylvania: (4:11)

Being bullied for making music in High School: (5:38)

Lilo Key’s exposure to music while living in Amish Country: (8:33)

Lilo Key discuses how his mother wanted him to originally be a Christian rapper: (9:48)

Culture shock in moving from Pennsylvania to NYC to attend school at SVA: (12:05)

Consistency and not falling prey to the temptations of drugs and alcohol: (13:45)

Lilo Key on work life balance and how it doesn’t apply to him: (15:15)

Lilo Key on the moment he knew that he wanted to pursue music full time: (18:12)

Lilo Key on figuring out the formula to blow up in the music business: (25:36)

The biggest misconception about being a rapper: (30:07)

How to maintain a humbleness about yourself: (31:36)

How knowing about the business effects the way one makes music: (33:31)

His plans on staying independent or taking a major label route: (35:41)

Lilo Key making the choice between being a rapper or a music business man: (38:00)

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