Sammy Talks About His Beat Business, Smoking Weed, Being a Father + More!

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Whats up, fam?! On this episode of The Hip-Hop Shop I sit down with Sammy Enrique of Obeze Trap Beats! Be sure to go check out his SoundCloud page to learn more about his music!

Here is a breakdown of our conversation:

Why Sammy decided to step into the music game: 0:44

Sammy talks about his anger as a young man: 1:50

When Sammy began believing that music was possible to pursue: 2:50

Sammy on the importance of connecting with people through music: 3:35

Sammy and how he began playing different instruments: 4:45

How Sammy began making beats: 6:28

Sammy talks about how no longer smoking pot effected him as a lyricist: 6:56

Sammy breaks down the origin of his Obeeze Beats page on Facebook and why integrating with an online community is so important: 7:35

How Sammy goes about finding the right artist to hop on his beat: 11:28

The beauty of the internet and how we’re so easily connected to people from all over the world: 12:35

How being a father changes your world: 15:10

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