Johnny Watkins Talks Gratitude, His New EP, Establishing a Brand + More! (The Hip-Hop Shop)

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Whats up, customers?! On this episode of The Hip-Hop Shop I sit down with my homie Johnny Watkins. Be sure to go check out his new EP, "Talk That Talk" which can be streamed on SoundCloud.

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The Hip-Hop Shop is a place where listeners can come together and indulge in only the best music the genre has to offer. I also curate underground music on my Facebook fan page and produce weekly Song of the Day segments which features new artists.

Here is a breakdown of our conversation:

(1:00) Johnnys journey in music

(1:50) Importance in establishing a brand while being a musician

(3:18) Understanding who you are as an artist

(4:35) Key experiences which effects the moves he makes

(6:05) Going through the quarter life crisis

(8:20) Being thankful

(9:28) Talking about his album

(11:50) Johnny talks about his alter ego

(12:35) Johnny talks about producing

(14:30) Johnny talks about how his music must be representation of who he is regardless of the sound

(17:10) Jonny talks about his collective past 12

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Hey @nick.visco! As you said, I agree you definitely found your niche for sure! You do some great interviews. I enjoy the Hip Hop Shop very much. This is very original and I can appreciate that as we try to be original ourselves. Keep making these.

Thank you so much for supporting me @the-puppet-patch! Much love

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