Indoor Skatepark ALL TO MYSELF @nicolcron Skate Vlog

in #dtubelast year (edited)

Hi Dtubers and Steemians!

I had the entire park to myself for a WHOLE HOUR! =0

A few regulars were unable to make it this week so I saw this as a great opportunity to film a skate vlog!

I hope you enjoy these results of last night's private session, at one of my most favourite places in the WHOLE WORLD!

Thanks for watching! =)

LOVE is all

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There it is! Signature Nollie 180 and Switch 180 flip!
And that 540 no comply dude wtf? This was the first time I saw one! So sick!

Yeah man!! Cheers bro!! It was a sketchy nollie flip but I had to do one for ya!!! =)

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Awesomeeee!!! Thank you @c-squared! And whichever lovely one of you noticed it! =)

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