DIY SKATE bowl - Germany - DESTROYED by my team mate 'Benson' @nicolcron RAW FILES - The Flora Bowl

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Hi there Steemians D.tubers and Steemskaters!
A 'Flora Bowl' local skater in Hamburg, Germany, hit me up recently to request some of my archive footage for an upcoming documentary he is making about their beloved hand made spot, so I decided to share these clips kinda as it went down if you know what I mean, to see how ramp skaters handle their business!

A 2010 trip to the Vans Downtown Showdown in Hamburg, resulted in more fun at the various skateparks and DIY spots than the contest itself! So we spent most of our spare time there, skating and filming.

The guys doing the skating is Benson, my team mate on Death Skateboards.
Look out for a little cameo from one of my other team mates and good homie, Mark 'Radman' Radden.

Thanks for watching!
LOVE is all

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Man this guy killed it 🔥🔥🔥 Tailslude fakie is scary as shit and he did it twice.
Looks like a great bowl to skate even though I'm not really into transition skating

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Death "killing" it all day long! Rad video dude.
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