Can you TIE BLEACH PINK? Make TIE DYE style t shirts/clothes at home!

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Today I tie bleached an old pink tee to see what will happen!
Will it go white? Will it do anything AT ALL?
I just had to find out and share with you!

Which colour should I try to bleach next? PLEASE let me know in the comments and I will try to do the most popular suggestion next week!

If you are under 18 YOU MUST ALWAYS get an adult to do the bleaching part as it can be VERY DANGEROUS And is an AGE RESTRICTED corrosive cleaning product.

My first tie bleach video surprised me with how many views it has been getting, so I thought I had better make some more for you! Also, it is a lot of fun to do! Just like real tie dye/tie dying, but waaaaay quicker and easier!
Link to my first video below

To anyone who commented on that video I am SO sorry that I didn't reply, I didn't think anyone would watch it, let alone leave nice comments. So I didn't look at my page for a while and forgot all about it!
So THANK YOU if you were one of those people and I apologise for leaving you like that! This time around I will be here to reply to you!

So I am back on youtube with my first video for a long while, as I have been using the Steem Blockchain and D.Tube (decentralised, censorship free social media alternatives) as my place to post videos and stuff!

If you would like to check my stuff over there the links are below...
My Steemit blog

My D.Tube video page

Can't be bothered with the hassle? Or does it seem a bit sketchy messing with bleach? Well I completely understand!
So I set up this eBay affiliate link below, so you can check out TIE BLEACHED CLOTHING right now on eBay!
(eBay affiliate link)

Loads of people are making bleached clothing all round the world, so I am pretty sure someone will ship to you, wherever you are!

Thanks for watching!!

P.S. I made the music myself!

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Thanks for watching!
Have a good one!

LOVE is all

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Randomly caught this video and loved it.
The t-shirt looks ace, and I really enjoy your tone and general air about you/your presentation - top bloke!

Love to see the skating too.
Keep it up dude 👍🏻

Thanks bro! Sorry for late reply, I use partiko mostly and it doesn’t show me messages anymore for some reason!

Thanks a lot dude! This was kinda made for YouTube as I had a quite successful video on tie bleaching and thought I had better knock some more out!! =)

Really appreciate the nice words my man! You make sick videos so it really means a lot to me!!

Cheers man thanks again and have a good one!!

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Tha t-shirt is looking so good bro. Bleach and purple are such a good combo.
Hope this video reaches more than 30k views this time.
Let's promote the shit out of Steem and dtube bro.

P.S Loved the editing.

@knowhow92 Thanks bro! Yeah I’m hyped!
I’m going to do a different colour next week!
It’s all happening this year, trying to get Richie on here, he seems keen so skating is gonna go nuts on here soon!

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If Richie joins it's gonna be huge. I and most skaters of this planet are huge fans. Such unique skating.

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