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RE: BuzzSteem Ep 10 - [Crypto Safety, Ponzi Schemes, Jerry Banfield exposed and more!]

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Beth loving the "content". That said and being objective to a fault and constructively criticizing; you need work on the "studio" "background" etc.. hang a sheet, go all white with it or something of the like.

I love your content I really do, but I find the somewhat dingy backgrounds to be a real distraction.

I am not being insulting, I am constructively criticizing from the viewpoint of a potential customer interested in the content you are selling.

Your voice is good, articulate, well spoken, solid delivery but toss a bit of the "professional touch" into what we see behind you so as it gives your entire presentation more polish and curb appeal..

Most won't call out the potential shortcoming in others content for seeming like a dick, I do it to help you succeed..

I'm trying very hard to get you noticed by some members of good influence. Essentially I'm marketing your product, but I want to be proud of the polished product I am marketing.. The product may be good, but if the packaging is all roughed up, and the box is torn, it will remain on the shelf..

Thanks.. keep up the great work.. and love your initiative with buzz steem.... It is a needed segment here...


I started the first few episodes with a green screen background, and it didn't seem to do any better, to be honest, and it takes a lot more time in post-production. I was spending a lot of time with adding images and font too, but for whatever reason, it seems like the less time I put into a video, the better it does. I can go back to doing it the way I was before, I just didn't think it made that much of a difference. That and, with the weekend I have had, it's a miracle I got anything out at all. It is a hard concept with Steemit, because anyone who does well puts out daily content. I can't really say that any of that daily content is super spectacular though, as even if you are paid to do this as a full time job it is a herculean effort to release a video daily. (That's not to mention the 2-3 hours it takes to upload the video that you have to keep checking on, ugh) It is different than writing a blog because you need to write something first, then record it, (in the quiet, in a house with three kids, haha) edit it, export it and then wait for it to upload (during which I usually use that time to make a custom thumbnail so as to be catchy), and write a decent description for the video. All in all, it's like a 5 hour process or so, every day. I suppose the flashier looking stuff only adds on about another hour in editing, but that's typically then an hour that comes out of my sleep, since all of my other time is spoken for: (3 kids at home, full time job from home, housekeeping, cooking, errands, chores, sleep?) I really appreciate the advice, I just thought I would give you a play by play as to why I have chosen a different style as of late! (Not to mention now the extra bullshit I have had to deal with since my car got totaled, le sigh.) I will give it a good college try today, and see how expeditious I can be about it all! Thanks for the response.

I would not even say you have to go full on green screen till the $$$ justifies it.. Just go solid white background with a sheet or something.. Clean crisp and professional.. :)

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