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RE: Vlog 168: Two days ago Bitcoin miner fees total were higher than the blockreward of 12.5 BTC.

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Actually I sold bitcoin at 15,800 and then I had somebody suggest that I should repurchase it due to the upcoming multiple hardforks. I haven't done this yet. What are your thoughts do you think this is a good suggestion?

EDIT: Also I really appreciate what you do here and I'd like to know how to vote for you, I see the little animated gif Blockbrothers and I guess I just click vote for witnesses and do what the gif is doing?


It seems Hard forking Bitcoin is a fun hobby at the moment. Cash, Gold, Diamond probably much more soon. But I would not buy Bitcoin on that fact.

At the moment I don't want to buy BTC at all. I can't do anything with it and I can't even transfer it anywhere (fees, slow).

Thanks for your witness vote. If you follow the instruction at the bottom it will be fine! Or watch this video by @eqko here.

Yeah I was noticing that becoming a relatively common thing myself. Particularly odd when you consider not long ago that I was partially sold on bitcoin simply based on the idea that there were only 21 million and that's all that could ever be created, now it's like constantly making new ones. I really like the efficiency of the steem network its so fast! Also I cast my vote it was pretty straightforward. Thanks for your work!

Just curious as to what you can do with bitcoin cash? can you please link me to some current uses and accepted vendors? I really want to do my research here. Thank again.

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