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RE: Verge (XVG) Target $1.70....How? Here is my ANALYSIS!!

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So we can expect TRX to go up right when the xvg reaches 0.7 cents ?

if he ever reaches 0,7....the charts right now after the announcment makes me always has an downtrend..... i don t know if we even reach the 0,3 - 0,4 withing the next days.

Right! It’s incredibly difficult to stay calm and stifle emotions when all I ever see is XVG downtrending. The amount of FUD that’s been spread, the whales manipulating, the forces that be, etc make it difficult to see XVG ever going up. Praying @haejin is correct on this one but who knows at this point.

he was very wrong

it feels REALLY unlikely to me, one way to find out.. i doubt it will even reach 50c by the end of the month. Unlike coins like Ripple, there is no real marketing going on for Verge. Combine that with a lot of FUD..

agree....50c end of the month? no chance :/

love this!

Verge coin has the potential to be compared to bitcoin...that statement has many meanings and that's something to watch for 2018... It's a generation 3 Cryto currency!


that picture used to be for Bitcoin/Litecoin ;)