6th song of my brother

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Hi guys,how are you?hope you are all good.today i share with you a song of my brother.he is a good singer.hope you all like it.
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I am Priyo.i am from Bangladesh.i live in Gaibandha.i am a student.i am honours 1st year student.my university name is Soyod Ahmed.it is located in Bogura.my favourite subject is english.when i get free time i help my family members in work.it is my first platform to share my thoughts.this platform is making me good in my life.i love a lot in work this platform.@bdvoter @zaku @azizbd i want to work with you forever.i am a self depended person in my life.i love to play cricket,carrom and football.my favourite hobby is travelling and photography.many time i pass with my town brother.i love to write story and take photography.thanks to steemit to create for this great platform.
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