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Thousands of animals are dying due to fire in Australia's forests today. Thousands of animal birds have made animal birds a beauty and it is due to some kind of fire that thousands of animal birds are dying, especially others.

Many animals are moving in silence. It seems that the people there love them very much, but they will admire the thousands of garments there is nothing to be said.

Sadly, these words are not able to say the words in their mouths.

Something Can't Do Anything Can't Be Sayed Is Just Suffering Silence They Are Being Called How To Die I don't understand why it hurts so much because who's on earth.

There was a part of the world on mobile Armon Alif dying of long strides because of them. Day after day, it is not difficult to stop, but the fact is that people here take great care to shelter them below. But what else to do?

There seems to be a lot of life in the lives of thousands of animals, including many living things. There is a lot of questions about what is happening in the whole world. What can be said about the whole world?
I do not understand how good our world is so great because it is causing so much harm to our world. Even animals and birds seem to cry so much that they cannot do anything.

I pray to Allah that you put out the fire of hearing in Australia.

People from all over the world need to pray so that Australia's life goes out of fire and questions can live on their own planet live in the same insane way the comic can hear.

So we all want the fire to come out of Australia and not let the birds live without fear

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