Home Peak in Columbia SC (What you can get for 150k)

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It's fun seeing what you can get in other cities. Columbia SC is the capitol city of South Carolina. Yet, we have very affordable living and everything you need. It's a small capital city so your pro teams become college teams, etc. However, Lake Murray rivals if not beats most Lake's in the country.

4 Bedroom ALL BRICK Ranch. Large 2 car garage, back storage building. Laminate hardwoods. 3 Bedrooms (all useable) 2 bathrooms. Fenced backyard with double entry gate. Priced under 150k. Friarsgate is located in Irmo SC. All brick ranch. 2 Car Garage with 1 side being converted into a work space storage area. #friarsgate #irmohomes #under150k #newfriarsgate #dutchforkhighschool #largeflatlot #2cargarageforsale

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I think there is a good chance real estate prices will come down but it can be risky to wait. I think interest rates will come down which should help real estate.

I can see both ways. Houses have really gone up in price but if we go through a hyperinflation period housing tends to follow inflation. I do think if they ever change and have rates go up with inflation we will see a big downturn.

As you know all markets are local but also follow the global trends. SC is a big retirement destination because of the weather and cost of living. Thankfully, we have more buffer around us.

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