Purple Martins on Lake Murray | Must See in Person (Nature's Beauty)

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Purple Martins Nesting on Lake Murray Island

Amazing family memory. Being on the boat at sunset watching thousands of birds performing.

I've never seen thousands of birds flocking just above your head to one island. Lake Murray is a nesting spot for the Purple Martins. This is a natural beauty. These birds love swooping and playing with one another and they all fly in at sunset. This video does not do it justice but does give you enough to know its worth viewing if local.

Many people have heard about the purple martins on lake murray. Is it worth the time to go see them? I say yes, this video does not do it justice but we were amazed. Seeing hundreds of birds circling together in unison. Hearing the flapping of the wings. Seeing them play with each other in the sky why the sun is setting on Lake Murray is worth it.

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This video was early before sunset finished. By the time it was at it's peak there were thousand of birds swooping around us. Purple martins are known to be very playful birds. This video did not capture the awe of the moment but I still wanted to share.

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