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Hello Steemians

As you probably have already noticed that Steem Blockchain is growing everyday and many Dapps are making steem users more attracted towards using their Dapps. This is something which really makes our time as a user/investor worth it. All the developments and all the statistics are really worth it.

Let me introduce to you a market where you can get a nice amount for the usual investment that you do in Splinterlands. Just in addition you get some nice cashbacks and you get yourself to use some nice tools to play with.

Monster Market

The market has most of the features like buying card/s, buying pack/s some tools which will make you curious to visit it second time. The interesting thing is in every purchase that you do, you get an instant cashback from the market. Payment methods can be done in Steem/SBD/DEC.

In single/multiple card purchase you get 3% cashback and in Pack purchase you get 2% cashback.

In addition to that the tools will make you see your usual investments in a slight different way and it does sometimes gives chill tbh ;)


Tools :

Splinterlands Cost Estimator
Packs Opening Analyzer

Here is the latest update from the dev of the market

If you are new to splinterlands, you can sign up here: Splinterlands Sign up

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Fantastic video about this really cool alternative monster market. Thanks for the great effort!


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