REAL TALK w/ Adam Kokesh (( DTube Exclusive Interview ))

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My third 1-on-1 Interview with Adam Kokesh, who will be running for President of the United States of America with the Libertarian Party on the platform of peacefully dissolving the entire federal government. In this video, we discuss his Senate run in AZ, resuming his run for POTUS 2020, the Libertarian Party, John McAfee, Censorship/Shadow Banning, Alex Jones and censorship!
Adam is a well-established Libertarian activist, Marine Corps combat veteran, author, television and radio host. He also is a respected leader in the Libertarian Party and has announced his bid for the party nomination in 2020.

Adam's AZ Senate Campaign Video:


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@ricecrypto -

I’d like to provide a rationale for my flag.
There have been threats made on myself and my family allegedly by staff from the @AdamKokesh presidential campaign. The evidence appears to be damning. There has been no official response from @BenFarmer, whose corroborated and verified phone number is present in the video/screenshots or Adam Kokesh.

I take threats to my safety and that of my family very seriously and do not wish to see anyone else face this sort of thing. Sadly, Ben and Adam have been caught threatening people before.

I cannot with a clear conscience let this post sit rewarded so richly, when the man whose message it promotes refuses to address legitimate concerns, and shows no concern for the well being of members of the Steemit community.


As Steem's premier troother citzen journalist, I am 100% behind you. If they retaliate, just hold my beer and I'll take the front line. It'll be hilarious!

Public Disclosure: My bots upvoted this post because I am a fan of @ricecrypto, not Kokesh the charlatan.

What are your issues with Kokesh?

He’s a total fraud as far as Voluntaryism goes, a charlatan scammer, career politician, and an asshole narcissist to boot, for starters.

I think he is working toward shifting the mindset in the US and is getting people questioning the status quo here. There is a deep mind control and statist mentality in the ol USSA. I think what Adam is saying about voluntaryism is resonating with more and more folks. Aren't we all fighting to end the paradigm of death and debt?

He has threatened women and children, and called for Voluntaryists to “put down the ideology” and also has suggested fingerprinting homesteaders.

Now, it would seem, his team is cyber stalking and attempting to “take out” their opponents and dissenters. See link above. A total fucking slimy fraud.

Perfect is the enemy of good. I have personally watched how Adam can communicate with statists and get past the cognitive dissonance to help them to see a different perspective. What he has shown in his civil disobedience by sticking his neck out to stand for individual rights shows a lot of courage. He has earned my respect by walking the walk, taking the heat, and still moving forward.

Did you read the post? His team is threatening women and politically manipulating children, and sought to hack and dox me.


Lack of principle is the enemy of principle. Collecting donations and not delivering on promises is fraud. Fuck outta here with that slime.

@adamkokesh is an infiltrator, he was recruited long ago..

sounds like a good direction, as really its time for society to wake up and figure out ways to be assertive and take control of their world again, instead of giving it away to the present poweres in control, good video sincerely JR of Exciting World Cryptos