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RE: D.Tube 0.7: Welcome to the HD

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well dtube is really an attractive now this time and the growth on global char of alexa ranking is awesome and hope one day dtube will kill youtube because youtube cannot give many benefits like dtube
Thanks a lot for the great work you're doing and share these all features of dtube in fully details wthich i didnot see and didnot know before read this
no doubt dtube video quality in 720p is much better with and the pixles are better than youtube and i really like to watch videos on dtube
other side 24p option is more good because in earliear i was confuse some time to watch some videos on dtube when my network was some slow and videos size too much and i couldnot play videos but this 240p now it is more awesome and playing well when my network is slow
also good to see your plan for next patch and i will wait for all these which you described here


good to see you here as well @shencoin

this 240p now it is more awesome

I always listen to black metal in 240p for the true cvlt experience.

Anyway, I always record my videos in 720p and with that available now my videos will look more professional. I am really happy about that and I bet everyone else will be too.

I expect that even more Youtubers will come to DTube now as everyone will promote the new DTube features on Youtube.

hahaha black metal in 240p for the trve cvlt experience xD you made my da hahahaha

144p would be even better.
I am sure DTube will consider adding that in the future for all lovers of black metal.

just imagine a "Immortal - Call of the wintermoon" video in HD mindblow

No cvlt experience, however, black metal in high quality actually sounds really good.

very nice cover :) is it you ?


I tried playing guitar for 10 minutes for 4 months without missing a day because I wanted to play it as well.

I realized that to play guitar you need to dedicate way more time into playing it.

3 hours per day minimum if you want to get really really good.

I would have to swap the guitar for the gym and there is no day when I will do that.

Respect to everyone who can play the guitar.

It requires willpower, discipline, accuracy and a lot of time.

Yes you are right. I asked because playing the guitar is my passion :)

Yeah this is just great! I've been looking for the Screwtube alternative for years... finally it appears Dtube is the answer!

I love it and this is amazing news and I'm so excited. Can't imagine where our community will be in one years time.

Thanks a lot for sharing this info with us and for your advice about the quality of content.
It's one of the most important things for Steemit platform success is the quality, as if there is a high-quality content that will attract more audience and more entrepreneurs and agencies to start using steemit and promote their products here as they do on other platforms such as Instagram or Reddit.
Congratulation! for this success :)

It would be great if @dtube could one day kill youtube, but I don't belive @steemit is the system, it's ran too much by bots and not real people. I love the idea of it, but I have been on Youtube for less time then @steemit and I have 1,000 times the followers, and I'm already making money. On @steemit I've lost $120, while people posting content that wouldn't get 5 views on Youtube are making hundreds of dollars per post on @steemit. It's a great idea, but the people who now have the power to make content popular on @steemit have no goals but to line their own pockets with money. When a platform is being ran like that, it just broken. Hopefully they will fix it before something else comes along. This is just the first like this, there will be more. Usually being the first to market means death for the company/project first as soon as something better comes out and exploits the flaws. If @dtube were stand alone, with no ties to @steemit or SP or anything like that, it might have a chance.

But money talks right?