A Snookmademedoit Challenge

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Have you ever read a Steemians post and wonder how in the world they ended up on the Steem Blockchain? What brought them here? Why are they still here? Did they have an easy time when they walked in the great front door of the future?

I think we all have more in common about why we have stayed on the Steem blockchain. I would love to hear your Steem story. What I would also love to hear is why with all the hardforks, learning, and struggles you made it on Steem as of today.

The Steem Community I set up called Snook Made me Do It is a place I would love to fill with positive posts about why real Steemians are still on the blockchain and are not giving up.

Please answer the questions:

How did I get here?

Why am I still here?

Make a written post, a video, or just leave me a comment down below. I would love to make a place where new Steemians can go when they are feeling frustrated about Steem. Read real stories about what kept us all here and why, to this day, we are still here.

You can make your post from any frontend. All you have to do is make the first tag hive-101745. You can also use the tag #snookmademedoit in case the community server is down. This way I will still be able to find your post.

EDIT: Posting from D-tube with the community tag will not have your post show up in the Steem Community. I had to try. One never knows!

Let's fill up one new Community, Snook Made me Do It, with hope for future Steemians.

Can we do it? I think we can!!

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Help someone smile today. It can not hurt you.



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Fun challenge! Looking forward to reading the answers people share.

I hope you will do one too :D

I like your eye make up!! I will watch once im home. Im at the place where they size you up for Scoliosis brace .

did you get your brace?

and please!!! I want to hear your story :D

I will, tell me i have time???

You have all the time you need <3

Cool.. i will do my steem story. I.just need to get planning. Omg, i did a goodwill find video. Im posting it in a bit but I instantly thought of you. This book jumped out and almost killed me but dam what a cool #%#$^ book for 99 cents. Omg.. your gonna love it. (Sneak peak)

woooooooooooot :D

tag me in the post, please!!

It all started with this email

Their loss and Steems gain :D

Thank you, @snook, for this opportunity to share our stories.

In answer to your questions - what brought us here & why we stayed — I invite you to watch my interview, yesterday, with Clixmoney


I hope it might inspire 🙏🏼✨

what a great happy person you are :D

I smiled through your whole interview!!! You bring a positive, bright light with you when you talk.

I can go to sleep smiling and for that I thank you!!

How sweet you are for saying so!

As we say in Arabic, we are all mirrors,reflecting each other’s Light✨

Thanks, for your time and encouragement— off to sleep myself with a smile 😊

Stay blessed 🙏🏼


I'm in Steemit because I like to write and share healthy life with others. Not for the result, not for the money. Only by the process of posting what takes me out of my daily routine and by making others see that you can eat tasty and healthy.

Sharing what you believe in is an honorable thing.

we all can learn so much from each other. Thank you for your answer!!


You should already know how I feel about this! Much why I created my #thoughtfuldailypost movement, as well as joining the @steemterminal to help these wonderful new Steemians that join our Blockchain! This is an awesome idea... initiative, whatever you'd like to call it! Positive energy breeds positive energy! And we can never have enough positive! I look forward to seeing this take off... well? Because #snookmademedoit!

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Thank You Wes!!!

Many hugs your way!!!!

Just for being YOU!


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Lol that's the wrong Patrick!!

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There we go!


I declare

!giphy war

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!giphy sam+elliott is bathwater worthy LOLLL

great movie!!!

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Thank you Wes!!

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I Will try do one myself... Wtf am I still here?
Snookistoblameformorethanyouknow 😜 lol

Oh Good Lord LOLL

I am in trouble now :D

Love You!!

In Lovely trouble you are indeed 😜 Bigtime! Buwahahaha... I be Nice 😁 giggle
Trust me giggles again

trust YOU? Never LOLLL

Love You? Always LOLL

Aww... You know me.. I would NEVER do anything to embarrassing you... Much 😁


But to have some fun... Ya that I would totally 😘 merry kissmas!


and I would totally laugh and love you more :D

And I already love you MUCH 😘❤️💋
You are so amazing.. More than you know!

Are any of us really here at all? Is this real life, or is it just fantasy? Caught in a landslide no escape from reality...

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this should be Steems theme song LOLL

lol well i was always into riding bicycles

one would think we are having a good time

I know, but sometimes I just want to

it's okay........you can let it all hang out

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How Did I Find Steemit? I was part of James Altucher's "Choose Yourself" group on Facebook in 2016 and another member, Stellabelle, kept talking about this platform called Steemit that was beta testing. I hadn't even heard of Bitcoin and that point and wasn't familiar at all with any aspect of cryptocurrency.

I signed up for an account in June of 2016 but the password didn't work so I forgot about it for a few weeks. One Saturday morning a nagging thought entered my mind that I should email Steemit support and try to get my password reset. I did that and the rest is history.

I've been here on Steemit, without a break, since July 5th of 2016. During that first year the platform I published my novel in installments and lots of my poetry. I've presented at two SteemFests (1 &2) and have been able to leave my day job and write full time as a direct result of this platform. Steemit changed my life and I became a huge proponent of it. I began recruiting anyone and everyone I could.

I've made it through so many ups and downs...the hack, Steem's drop to $.08, the flagging wars, and the plethora of bad decisions and unrealized goals of Steemit Inc. I've continued making content through it all because of one thing...the relationships I've made here. The community here is like none I've ever encountered, anywhere. I've met Steemians all around the world, face-to-face, in my travels and the common denominator is they've always been good, honest, and intelligent people. This feels like a second family now.

I've watched so many talented people I started with in 2016 get discouraged and leave the platform. I can't say that I blame them because I feel as though Steemit has always survived despite of the decisions of those in charge, solely because our community is so committed and so strong.

Why Am I Still Here? I'm still here because to leave would feel like turning my back on family. I still have high hopes for Steemit. I think communities could turn things around but what I really hope for are better decisions from Steemit Inc. We really have something special here and all of the ingredients for a highly successful mainstream social media platform. The community realizes this. What we need is a leader with the vision and the drive to make the rest of the world realize it.

Good idea @snook, I will participate this week :)

Yeah!! I can not wait to read your story!!

I happy to see you try to use that tag in the dtube interface! That's kind of why I'm still here.....I like poking and testing things....

I have just recently, for the first time in a long time, started to consider taking a break from #steem. Not because of the infrastructure, you understand....

I am still here because there is no place like #steem to build on. I have no problem cross-chaining, learning about other chains, learning about other communities. I will keep learning and building, as long as God permits me.

I am trying to build something real....a business, maybe, a 'project' perhaps. If I don't post for long periods, its probably because I am working on @ecoinstats or @quintaesencia. Also, because mean internet people make me sad, which in turn embarrasses me and causes me to just participate less.

Also, because mean internet people make me sad, which in turn embarrasses me and causes me to just participate less.

I LOVE YOU and I am always proud of you. Do not let misguided ( I am being nice) people win. You bring a LOT to Steem. It would be a shame for everyone and your Smart friends :D if you left.

I know it's not easy. Maybe try a few podcasts on Steem?


Doing a podcast is a really good idea! DM me ;p

I am really looking forward to reading these. :)

It looks like a great challenge and I am sure some surprise answers!


there has been a lot of surprises for me.....

I sure hope YOU write out your story too!!!

I think the more people see we all had some struggles the more hope we bring to other Steemians.

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I loved reading your story!!!

Thank You so much for writing it!!

Glad I saw this and was able to make a post to add to your collection. What a great idea for posterity!

Thank You!! I was very happy you made one too!!


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How did I get here?
It has almost been 4 years, and I had to do some searching to see how I found out about Steemit. Here is my intro post. That is the best I got. I loved blogging and crypto and steemit is a perfect pairing of the two.

Why am I still here?

As you see in my first post, I struggled from trying out too many hobbies and crafts. I recently started a masters in CS specializing in AI and this process has focused me to the point where I am already starting my first leetcode project that uses python and steemit to help my steemit workflow. I feel like this next chapter in my steemit life will be somewhere between incorporating bots with art and allowing this to enhance my posts.

WOW what a great story you have!!

Thank You for bringing to my attention!! Very interesting life you lead!!

So glad you shouted out about this on today's #PYPT, so I got a chance to see where all the awesomesauce #snookmademedoit posts are coming from!

!giphy smile

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I hope you make one too :D

anything for you Snook!

I can not wait to read your story!!!