Steem Creators Conference/ Global Block Builders.

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Hi Everyone. Proud to announce April 10-13th in Austin TX Steem Creators Conference/ Global Block Builders. The home town of Steemit Inc.

Come and be with other Steem lovers and your favorite Steem people & organizations.

This is going to be awesome. Amazing speakers, Killer Venue, Fantastic City, & Great events planned.

Buy your ticket today. Save money with early bird special. Ticket start at $299. I was wrong in the video.

The venue is the world famous CopperTank. People like Justin Timberlake & The Weekend have preformed here.

Do you want to be a speaker.
Email us at [email protected]
Or message us below. Leave your email so we can contact you.

Austin TX is a fun and vibrant city. One of the hottest cities in America. The food, hotels, sites, and of course the night life. We are in the heart of the city.

Please Resteem and Tag all your Friends.

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Yes!! This is going to be amazing. There are big things on the horizon, and you guys are leading the way. I know Stacie D and I are both excited to be there and see everyone!

Fantastic to have you have you part of the conference. Wonderful to have you attend & share the GHSC.


Pumped for this one man! Excited to get everyone together in Austin and talk shop. Should be great!

STORY! You did great work in Toronto! Austin You will crush it. Thank you Cap. Hey is the Doc coming?

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I think he'll make it :)

Can’t wait to see you guys again!! Hard to believe we are on the 3rd conference already! #lifer

Austin is one of my hands down favorite cities to visit and so I couldn’t be more stoked about the location!

You were here in the beginning. Hahaha. You spirit & energy has helped to make this a success. Austin & the gang. Sounds like a heck of a time. What fun!

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Fallo me plss y famlow back

Looking forward to it!

@pennsif, can you please see about adding this one to the S.O.S. calendar? Thanks!

pumped!! looking forward to this and seeing everyone again. first time in austin for me too. the scooters sound like my kind of deal....300 lbs canadian on a scooter!!!

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My Man, The scooter I rented had a 230 lbs limit. So a bit of zumba or some aqua robics and you are going to be flying around Austin on a scooter. Great to have you part of the team. Exciting. Can't wait to see you and listen to you on stage bro.

ha ha ha working on it. need to start using @actifit more lol

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Yes Good Job , plss fallow me & i fallow you back

i will if you can

Can’t wait for this one. What an incredible community to be involved in.

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@kenmelendez. We are doing man. Thank you for all you do for this great community & Steem Creators/ Global Block Builders. See you soon in Austin my Friend.

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I'm definitely going to this. A blockchain conference with scooters, karaoke, and frisbees? I can't afford NOT to go!

That's what I'm thinking right!? This is going to be grand.

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Hey Man, I just subscribed. I'm a creator and crypto enthusiast local to the Austin area. Love to get more involved!

Definitely join us there brother 👊🏻

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I am planning to be there! Can't wait to see you again, I.J.

Awesome man. Very cool

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@steemcafe, good job! I wish I could attend this great event ....
Btw, are you planning some event this year in Canada?

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My man. Vaselin😎😀 How are you? Bless you , your brother, and the whole family. Sorry that you can't make it. No plans for Canada this year. But maybe Mexico in the Fall. Hahaha.

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I mean... it wouldn't be @dtube without a video response.

Hahaha. Love this video. Great work man. See you in Austin.

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299 a ticket ?

It’s for 4 days

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"Austin TX is a fun and vibrant city. One of the hottest cities in America."

Sounds awesome!

Fantastic to have you have you part of the conference.

Nice try with the spam farm @aways4pro.


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I've been to Austin. I love the city. Good luck!

Thank you. Have a wonderful day.

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Awesome dudes! Wish I could be there :/

Hope all goes great!

So do we. Wish you could come down Jay. There will be lots of good times to be had.

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Hopefully by next year The SteemBirds will be traveling around with a flying bed ;)

Hey guys, best of luck with your event. :)

Thank you thank my dear friend. Will you be here with a cowboy hat on? Hahahaha. You will be great on stage. I know it.

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Stoked for this!!! Austin is amazing and having SteemIt there is gonna be killer!

There he is @ccoin. You are a giant part of the GBB / SCC team. Thank you. This is going to be a blast.

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Doesnt seem like my last comment went through.

im new and i was wondering if someone could help me out and link me to a post or a video that could teach me more about Dtube thanks in advance

Hi im new and was wondering if someone could help or link me to a post that could teach me more about DTube. thanks in advance


yes... this very amazing . i also agree with. it's also build up good communication each other.

Keep it up dude, im always watchinh you cos your my idol.

We look forward to this and we all desire your truth as a thank you.

Yes Definitely it going to be Amazing...


Guys! Tell me how to get Apatow? I'm new. And so a little do not understand the work of this service. Also if you like this comment I will be grateful! I subscribe like and repost on your wall of your post. Let's help each other.

Great :-)


Hi! Maybe Im new on steemit. How to get many vote? I wanna like you too

Yes it feels great to me It's going to be a scary one. This post is an important post

I wish i was in tx T)T im over here in Cali

Great Video! good job

Keren keren kak Artikel nya kunjungi juga blog kami kakak
Terima kasih :)

Good, Looking forward.

Awesome man great work

Is there an actual schedule now so we know what to expect? I have looked at the website and am not finding more than a something that has been thrown together, but nothing informative.
Thank you.



Hi, It's Very good.

Nice program, I would love to be part of it in the nearest future

Nice program, I would
Love to be part of it in
The nearest future

                 - toyimika

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Gracias amigo muy interezante

You still want me there? [email protected]

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Emailed you.

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This is great

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oh!thats cool.Can’t wait for this one

#streemcafe hey its grate news for all streemit user #Hi Everyone. Proud to announce April 10-13th in Austin TX Steem Creators Conference/ Global Block Builders. The home town of Steemit Inc.


Heh, i'm back in Texas. This should be fun to go to if I can!

good! yes god))

First time I see it and I'm anxious so I hope it comes out super successful

Why is this 299 dollars????

I'm in San Antonio and would love to have made it but it's cutting real close to our babies due date. Wouldn't want to drop $299 on a ticket and then not be able to attend.

Good luck with the conference in any case!

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That is Great


Buena entrevista!!

Pumped for this one man! Excited to get everyone together in Austin and talk shop. Should be great!

Nice to see you guys and good luck

You've made the Steemit Minute for today! Congrats!

Check out the Video Here:

But why is this so expensive? There are two us that need to attend and that is $600? What does that $600 get us? What are the benefits other than hearing the great speakers, networking, meeting with our friends, and the common knoweldge. Not trying to cause issues, just trying to understand.


When the cow jumps over it

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SOS Daily News : news about the State of Steem @ 11 January 2019

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