60 REP ! Time To Give Back And Help The Newcomer!!! SBD PRIZES!!

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Good Evening Fellow Steemians! I am rewarding the newcomer with SBD PRIZES.

The Rules:

  • RE-STEEM this post for the newcomers to be rewarded.
  • Must have a 45 and under rating and a positive attitude!
  • Must be within the first 8 Re-Steems to be rewarded.
  • Once You've Re-steemed, Leave a comment introducing yourself and let me know you've re-steemed it.

So in todays video I will be doing somewhat of a tutorial for anyone who is relatively new and unfamiliar with certain tools. Steemit has a wide variety of features which can sometimes get quite confusing.
Hopefully I can help and share some of what I've learned!

I'll drop the link for the video below in case you cannot work dtube.


Hi, @stevenalexander!

okay, so where is my reward? *wink!

Hey, every little vote counts and keep climbing the ladder. You're killing it! Am so happy for you. Thank you for doing this video, it's informative.

awwww hello @purepinay <3 haha how much you want?? lol i'll assume i'm enough ;) thankyou for the kind words thats really awesome to hear from you! can't wait to continue this success :)

Thank you so much @stevenalexander for this creative initiative. Hi my name is queen, I joined steemit and became frustrated at a point...your video went a long way to resolve some issues I've been fighting with...thank you so much! I've voted and resteemed even though its so so so little upvote. Thanks! I am hoping you could still have some help for me

hey queen it is so nice to meet you! i will be sending you some sbd to your wallet!

sir @stevenalexander, I don't know if you forgot, you said you were going to send some sbd to my wallet, up till now, I have not gotten the sbd you promised me...so sorry for disturbing you. Thanks!

Hi queen! I have just sent you sbd :) I’m so sorry I get quite busy and flustered while keeping up with everybody lol but I am a man of my word and I’m happy to support you! Keep showing your face around here !

Thank you so much sweetheart @stevenalexander...you a good guy. I lost my phone, so Ive been offline, thats why am just seeing this now...My phone got drowned...using a friends phone at the moment...thanks once again

Hi @stevenalexander, I am gifty by name. I just got my steemit account approved some days ago. I am happy to have your post as my first blog post. I was reading on the feeds when I saw your post and decided to give it a try.. I have resteemed.

I’m so sorry I missed you ! I was reading a lot of comments earlier and I got busy but I did intend to get back to It tomorrow to finish off my list of people. Il be sending you sbd in the morning when I go back on to my computer ! Goodnight for now @gifty-e!

Ok, thanks in anticipation.

Thank you so much dear. I just saw it now.

not a problem my friend. its actually now worth close to 7 dollars:) hopefully u use it wisely ! not a problem and happy to help. stick around and have fun. you can have great success here! where are you from? can i suggest adding a profile picture and cover photo.

Hi @stevenalexander, i am @chiboyzz from Nigeria. i joined steemit on december 2017. Still trying to get around using markdown style for my posts so most of my post aren't stylish enough.
I have resteemed this post.

I will do a tutorial on this issue next ! Stay tuned :) il help you . You can find me in discord if you want to message me .

Hi @stevenalexander, I am @thankgodikkc i am new to steemit. I joined Dec, 2017. I am glad to come across your blog.
I just resteemed and upvoted your post.

Hi @stevenalexander, I'm Puja from India. Newbie to steem, hoping to learn soon how to use it properly. Resteeming your post. Thanks for sharing the information.

Hi @pujamedhi :)! So nice to meet you ! You are winner number 3! I’ve upped the giveaway to 1.5sbd so It will be arriving in your wallet shortly ! In case you don’t know, 1.5sbd is about $6 usd right now! Il be doing weekly giveaways ! Make sure to follow for more!

Yay, that's awesome. Thank you so much. Surely following for more. And yeah, nice to meet you too. Keep spreading joy like this!

Great post! @stevenalexander Thanks you for sharing your knowledge! I didn't know about steemnow.com and steembottracker.com

Hello, l am @alfred1, I joined Steemit this January 2018. I have gladly resteemed this post. Thanks so much

Hello @alfred1 ! Congratulations you’re winner 2 :) I’ve upped the giveaway to 1.5 sbd so that’s worth roughly $6 USD . I.T will be arriving in your wallet shortly !

Wow! Thanks so much, I really appreciate @stevenalexander. You are a great leader.

Hi @stevenalexander, I am relatively new to steemit. I joined Dec, 2017. I am glad to come across yoir blog.
I just resteemed your post.

You are winner number 1! Congratulations:) I’ve upped it to 1.5 sbd :) it’s nice to meet you @emjoe! Glad you stppped by, il be doing weekly give always so come back for more ! It’ll be arriving in your wallet shortly !

Wow, thanks so much. I've been following you in stealth mode. I watched the music video you did for @kpine from @karensuestudios blog last week. You are awesome.

thats really awesome to hear man! i just sent you some SBD to your wallet! let's keep in touch and hopefully well get the chance to meet at steemfest next year haha start saving!

Lol. I will definitely start saving for that. Thanks for the SBD

hi, i am @frank-cris, i am a Nigerian. am still a newbie to steemit, have only made three posts. Spending time here to know if i can learn few things. i voted your post and resteemed too. thanks for sharing this information.

i sent you SBD :)

helo i am @troyboss111 i joined steemit jan 2018, just came across this post and i decided to join. i have voted, resteemed and followed you too

hello, l am @wisiyke, I joined Steemit this January 2018. I have gladly resteemed and upvoted this post. Thanks so much for your support. am also gladly folllowing you

hey there @wisiyke Thankyou so much:) im sending you SBD now.

Ready @stevenalexander reestem and upvoted, I joined in december 2017. kind regards from venezuela. @stellabelle you are great and funny. ty

hi, i am @emade1 , just came across your post now and am glad to join. i have voted and resteemed as well.

buenas noches estoy en steemit desde enero, soy @delicarola , felicidades por esta iniciativa te sigo vote y te

i sent you SBD :)!

Hello, I thought I will get a reply at least. 🙈

I have restreemed
Hello! I am Yura
I am 36 years old. I was born and live in Russia. I live in a small town.
I am an IT specialist, mathematician, accountant and economist by education.

I study English. I speak English with a dictionary)

I am novice in Steem and crypto, but I read a lot about it.

I like take photos. I have an ultrazoom camera Nikon. I will post my photos

My main contribution is my photos

Hello Steven ( @stevenalexander ). I just found you through my Feed where someone Resteemed you.

AndI must say Iam very impressed watching this video you did. Uhmm..how did I not find you before ?? lol

Well, the important thing is I did find you. So definitely Following you now.

And Resteeming this Post. (I know I'm too late for contest but doing it because it is just plain good :) )

Thanks and keep up the excellent Content :)

Hello, l am @Spark92 I joined Steemit last year November, 2017. I have gladly resteemed this post. Thanks so much

Not in the first eight resteems but i'm here to say hi!, thanks for the video as i'm still learning the ropes around here trying to find a way i can help the world in my own way. Look forward to seeing more of you in the future!

Hi @stevenalexander. Do not let this pass me by, i just resteem your post and i am the newest bies here. I registered on steemit in january 2018. Your video has been helping me tho. I pray i understand steemit better. Thanks

Hey @stevenalexander! Congrats on your 60 rep achievement! That's amazing...what's your next milestone now? Ciao!

good comment

Hi! I go by @electrifiedowl I've just started posting here this month. So far really enjoying my experience, really excited about this platform. My passions are making art in its various forms, whether its painting, taking photos or making music. Still feel like there's a lot to this platform and community I haven't quite grasped yet, and don't know how to check how many times I've been resteemed, so I'm not sure if I'd qualify. But all the same, helpful video, I learned a few things, and its great to see so many people in this community helping out newer users. Resteemed and followed.

If You Follow Upvote comment And Resteem me I Will Do Same

good post, good energy, and your hooked up with Stella, Keep on Keepin on

Hi @stevenalexander, i just stumbled on your post now and im glad i did.
Im a newbie, i joined late last month(january).
I hope to add value to this great community that i am now part of.
I've resteemed and upvoted this post even though i know my upvote doesnt mean much.
Thanks again for the video.👍

ohhh wow thats great!:) i will be sending you sbd for your beautfiful comment!

Thank you very much,i can't wait to get the SBD😉

Hi @stevenalexander I am Romeo the Chocolate Lab!!! I joined Steem a week ago and am enjoying making friends here. I have resteemed your post! My aim is to bring some fun, good vibes and laughter to the community through my blog and memes from a dogs perspective. Here is my introduction post if you would like to read more - https://steemit.com/introduceyourself/@lab.named.romeo/introduceyourself-romeo-the-chocolate-lab

Have a great day!!

Romeo - 🍻 ❤️ 🐾

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Really cool what you are doing here man! still trying to figure out how steemit works, bit definitively understood you are doing good. Nice to see people like you around.

This is an awesome way to give back to the community and congrats on hitting 60 REP 64 on up is a rough road lol

Is the sbd give away still on? I'm a newbie, I just saw it now.

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