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It is amazing how things work. Call it synchronicity if you want, but I was replying to a comment on a post I made earlier today. The person commented that development on Steem is very slow.


No sooner did I reply to that when I see a post put out by the team from D.Tube. This was also followed up by a video post by @aggroed foretelling of what is coming.

Here is his video.

I am playing around a bit with D.Tube this afternoon and will post about it in the morning.

We also saw an update to the @actifit application. This is released in the Android app and contains many new features.

Here is their post.

In doing a quick run through of, I noticed something very interesting. The PALTube application appears to already be in place. I will admit I did not try it so it could just be holding the place on the page for now.


Notice in the upper right, in the drop down menu, the tab there for PALTube.

This is very exciting. This means that videos posts on D.Tube using the PALTube tab will essentially be posted under that label. Hence, it will feed into the PALNet platform.

Of course, this means triple unit placement. If one is signed in to D.Tube using the Steem account, the post will go to Steem, D.Tube, and PALnet. The payouts will come in the form of SP/SBD, DTC, and PAL.

What we are seeing taking place before our eyes is not only the development of communities. The most fascinating aspect to this is the fact we are witnessing the overlapping of communities. Essentially, groups are starting to be tied together. One can be in a couple different groups at the same time, with the same post.

Once the feature is opened up to all communities, as @aggroed promised, we are going to see a lot more of this.

With that I have one question: Is it time to get excited yet?

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Once the fundamentals start kicking in, breaking the downtrend, it will hopefully be jaw-dropping. My estimation is 6-12 months.

That makes a lot of sense. It will take that long for a lot of people to get comfortable with cryptocurrency. While there are a ton of issues on here, I still think that is one of the biggest.

The fact that people do not understand what can be done with crypto because, basically, not a lot can be done at this time.

I can dig it :-)

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thanks for these active posts on the state of PAL/STEEM. I have so many nay-sayers saying STEEM blockchain is just not growing so none of this matters. I'm perplexed as there are great things coming out. Not enough marketing push?

This is indeed exciting! I hope this all mushrooms and continues with a vengeance :-)

Very interesting indeed, let’s hope we do not end up with a conflict between the 2 Cryptos/platforms. This would be bad for everyone...

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There is no conflict. Videos posted using PALTube will show up on along with being posted on D.Tube.

Ultimately, D.Tube will be integrated into the site along with all the other sites created using that system like sportstalk.

I understand but long term, there is no point to have 2 sisters currencies, why not 3-4-5-6/7-8/9-10 for basically the same projects and functionalities. I think it can get Steemians, PAL owners and future investors very confused.
It is just my thought

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We can get really confused.

We can also get very wealthy.

That one got me too
Stoked with DTube’s developments 😊

@taskmaster4450 I try to make a dtube video but I just mess up with all so I just forget doing again , but this new double rewards I am again trying to do it.

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I will be on discord later today. Same username on here.

Zing! Zing! This is so exciting!! 😅🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🎶🍻

Things are moving quickly! It’s exciting to see but tough to keep up with! Thanks for keepin’ tabs! Cheers

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I am playing around a bit with D.Tube this afternoon and will post about it in the morning.

I was just doing the same thing in a little bit. Exciting times!

I'm pretty excited about this. I actually thought dtube was making their own steem-engine token but it is just going to be palnet?

D.Tube is creating the DTC token.

PALnet is integrating D.Tube into its platform. The same will be available to all created on Steem-Engine.

hmm. I would like to see how that will work. can't wait. I'll just keep posting my dtube vids and make sure to use palnet as a tag.

Exciting indeed. I might actually go back to making movies or posting videos because of this. Let's see, time will tell. Thanks for sharing :>)

It is definitely time to get excited!

We start to live the dream of abundance!

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The development on STEEM is indeed very slow.

The development around STEEM is now blazing fast.

Highly rEsteemed!

Screen Shot 2019-05-25 at 12.14.57 PM.png

Well, Hell. It's impossible to keep anything a secret these days.

Yes, we are working on Paltube. We do not have an exact release time, except for the trademarked soon.

There was a Time, not long ago. You log in, and see nothing new. Now you come to Steem and see every Day super awesome Stuff.

I love to see dev groups work together. Maybe thats the Start to a new level of Steem. This fast development is now really impressive.

In Steem the smartest mind has something yet to learn.

Sweettttt I posted to today because of the updates but now with Palnet on there as well I will have to make a video about Palnet tomorrow to share with everyone!

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Is the dtube chain a steem sidechain?

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