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RE: Steem Secrets #2 (Delivered By @ankarlie): "You Own Steem". We Take Steem To The Moon.

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wow i so much enjoyed this post especially this part

"Instead of spending too much time dwelling on possible reasons why steem is likely to fail, take the high road instead, focusing on how steem can't fail, for the sole reason that "you" are here".

I see so many people rushing to sell off their sbd and steem because the value of steem seems to be going down,, they are just busy seeing the downside they ain't seeing the better side and how they can maximize this great opportunity.

To me this the opportunity to buy and invest in steem because soon steem will rise to the moon and its only those that invested will rise in it.



Please see the first video of the series. It is important. Did you notice her say "gidigbamly"?

Follow @steemsecrets for release. Who knows you may speak in its words soon. Don't forget to follow switheart @ankarlie and @sunnylife from the other video

Lol , i noticed , thanks @surpassinggoogle for ur efforts

The idea just came to me. Why don't we (the steemians) write a book and popularize it, translate it and show the world what SteemIt is... I think the advertising is not enough right now. It won't be hard to write a book, especially if there are a lot of volunteers. I can help with translating to Bulgarian if needed. Let me know what you think. Best wishes, Sveto. :P

That would be awesome!

I think it has been attempted but no completed. It is possible yes. Many things have been written but together is special. I am sure you can begin it and it will head somewhere

Well if some of us join a Discord server, we can simply organise everything. Lets say the SteemIt book will contain 20 chapters. 20 different persons will write one of each. Then we combine them, check out for mistake and then try to convince some printing house to print some books for which we pay with SBD earned from post promoting the book. Sounds good, no?

Very attainable. There is a discord underneath my posts

It sounds real good
I buy the idea [email protected]
i also think from my own point that if it happens that 20 chapters are to be written,a group of 3-5 can possibly work on a chapter
team work is the best.People will bring in their different knowledge and it will sure make a success

Sir @surpassinggoogle , well done sir , more greese to your elbow..

yeah I viewed it.

I noticed that. ..funny though

Hahaha hello their tried to pronounce it properly did I hahaha STEEM TO THE MOON!!

I saw that!! Shocking.. Is she Nigerian??

She speaks in the words of @steemsecrets

Steemsecret you are the best can't wait what you will reveal next!

just seeing @steemsecrets, all thanks to @surpassinggoogle.. nice one man!

Follow steemsecrets for all the secrets to be revealed haah know that we can take steem to the MOON!

Gidigbamly. Awwr, now you got me googling you @surpassinggoogle. Heard about you for the first time yesterday. Really. Thumbs!

He is the coolest guys in steemit! he is inspires the "inspirer."

Hahaha! I jumped immediately I saw the word!! I feel am cos it's my language..our

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