John McAfee missing & the 31 terabyte deadman’s switch

in #dtube2 years ago

Recently a number of news sources are saying that John McAfee has been arrested. Days before the apparent arrest John McAfee posted a number of tweets in which he said that the Central Intelligence Agency were after him. In June John McAfee stated that if he was arrested or went missing that he would release 31 terabytes worth of files that would expose government officials. Since 22 July 2019 John McAfee has not been seen. I go into this and a number of other things in this video.

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As unfortunate as it would be were Mcafee in custody of malice itself, I am quite interested in the 31 Terabytes.


What’re the chances he has been cia for a long time?

About 1 in three. A little too public IMHO, but certainly whacked enough.

I don't know if he is CIA, but he certainly - at least in my opinion, working for someone larger.

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