One Direction

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Always positive. "you're unrealistic" - I am realistic.

Focus goes the money flows.

Each so powerful, reach out, mine Twitter for Steem users; make connections.

One direction set a destination and go.

So hard to explain anything crypto to newcomers; amazing opportunity, time to be the most aware and thankful.

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I only have a short time in this world so I am going all in here at steem community and being persistent and at least it is paying through the help of friends here in this community @theycallmedan

Praying that people will learn more about blockchain technology and I am glad that at least I am in it and it saves me with my medical impediments.

You sir are a true inspiration. Your courage is contagious. Thanks for being you!

My friends here like you Sir also inspires me to go on and fight for my existence @theycallmedan and I thank you and others for all of that I am happy because at least I have friends that I am with 24/7 while my "real world" friends seemed to have forgotten me.
I am thankful about steem because it empowered a lot of people to do good things to others that is why this platform is thriving and growing and I am sure that one day steem will get much bigger than we realized because steem saves lives.

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Just thought to scroll the comment section, found this wonderful comment at first only😊.

Being 16 Years old I wanted to say that I really inspired a lot from you whenever I used to feel demotivated earlier I just visit your profile watch one of your video and it helped me alot to understand , I really saw your many dtube videos , and really loved your true spirit sir :) , you do all things with your pure heart sir 😊.

I wanted to say something related to time Sir. I found many people wasting their time in unwanted fights I mean on earth there is only one life? I think most of us believe on it . No one wanted to live in peace, I hope sir you too noticed something similar like this.

I will pray for your better health everyday sir 😊.

@theycallmedan Thanks to you too🙏🙏 for bringing value to our Blockchain everyday

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Always uplifting man!

Every success needs some luck.

My luck: I discovered Steem early. But luck alone is not enough I have learned.

Recognising opportunity brought to you through luck is a second requirement for success and then go after it like a person possessed is a third. And even then it's not a 100% guaranteed.

Many people discovered Steem early but not many are still here working hard and building. They had luck but didn't recognise the opportunity, squandered it.

Hell, even now when it's so much more clear about the huge potential Steem possess a lot of people still can't see it.

The problem is, when everyone sees it you are too late. The opportunity is gone forever.

For me, this period in blockchain (and mostly) Steem is the biggest opportunity of my life and I'm taking it with everything I got and on Steem I know the ppl that are the same.

So well said, @exyle. I feel exactly the same way. I am scrambling to do what I can to build before the (what I view as) inevitable true growth happens. As you said, when everyone sees it the opportunity is gone. The time is now. Just wish I had more time to put in!

Grateful I am. I stumbled upon this place when my life was a mess. I'm realizing how much that mess made this opportunity to be part of the biggest movement I've been part of. Not a day goes by that I'm not excited to be here or to receive or give a 0.01 upvote. Thanks for your words - they're always igniting a spark.

So hard to explain anything crypto to newcomers; amazing opportunity, time to be the most aware and thankful.

I just wrote a post that looked at this a little. Most people (even here now) don't realize the opportunity they hold - they think it is about the tokens but that is just a component. This is an entire industry being built including a huge range of sub supportive and complementary products and services. It is a new world of business that almost anyone can be a part of of they choose.

I think we are in the eye of a storm. Or maybe in that place in a tsunami where the ocean sucks miles out to see benore it throws a colossal wave back onto the shore. It’s only a matter of time.

It's definitely important to put yourself out there, to push past your #comfortzone.. That is what leads to #growth!

I was also reminded of the quote by Bruce Lee:

"The idea is that flowing water never goes stale, so just keep on flowing."

Thanks, @theycallmedan!!!

PS.. I just noticed you can set comments to Power Up 100%. So time to #PowerUp 100%! #newbie

good motivation i have let go of investing in these good projects because i want to make a bunch of money , im now investing in them because i see the freedom and power they give to humanity and want to see them succeed

yeah man!!!! nothing fires me up more than hearing this!

we have two eyes in the front of our face for a reason. don’t look back. and move forward. every day.

still counting my blessings that i’m here now on steem. we’ve got it good!

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Please consider a trip to Austin in April for the conference. One talk from you in person could start a freaking bull run on its own.

I will be there.

Sheet just got serious.

I can put steem and other 500 coins that were made last year....

We all know the winner there...
Believe it or not I found out about steem on December was a project that was running almost 1.5 year already...I thought I lost the opportunity...that I wasn't among those first that will benefit the most. But you know what? When I explain crypto to others (friends - family) and realize how uneducated they are....I have no doubt that I am still among the first adopters.

Life itself will force them to use cryptos...patience and positiveness.

The most powerful weapon of a human being is when he has identity, sense of belonging, is focused on what he wants, and do everything to achieve it, some call it destiny, I call it purpose. Thank you for your spirit of strength, self-control and inspiration @theycallmedan.

Steem has caught my attention more than any other crypto in the last 18 months. I like using several of the Steem dapps. Its interesting that many other cryptos have a lot of hype but haven't produced anything that I would want to use. There's also a lot of fighting with the other cryptos, I'm completely turned off by that. There has been some here too but I think there's more people moving in the same direction now and that's great.

Damn man , I got goosebumps every 10 seconds.
Great motivational speech and I really love the last phrase.
"Can't wait for the future but I'm enjoying the process so much".
That should be written in a book or something.

Damn! My brain inserted some epic cinematic space music behind this.
Epic stuff. I feel fired up! 🔥🔥

I’m not stopping until STEEM land on Mars!


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I thought it was just Moon now we're going to Mars!👯 😎👍

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100% upvote for you! If I may Direct your Attention to something new! Would love your support to help make it possible. Steemit needs to dream big and care for one another. A solid 5000 daily active userbase building content and dapps for the first 1.2 million accounts, it is amazing! I remember when we doubled in accounts from 100,000 to 200,000. This is still the beginning but its coming fast! Steemit on the way to a billion accounts. Year 4 will be epic. What incredible works we will the inspiring. Did you hear about that Park that was built by a group of Steemit users? Anything we put our minds to can be accomplished. Great work @theycallmedan I am following for more!


So many people do forget that "Chance/opportunity" going by them and react until it is gone. While we all sure one of the best community that is available on the Blockchain and yeah there is much more than that efforts/ideas/caring/sharing and what not love this platform for all the things and yeah you are realistic so are all steem users (Who believes on this whole idea)

Sadly cant view the vid as don't have much data left but i know its gonna be good

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Yes, slowly slowly we are reaching our goal. Really, I have made lots of connection in a very short time on steem blockchain plus right twitter is another great platform to show and talk about steem, create connection easily.

Yes, it's hard to explain about crypto to newbies but I think it's not a big deal. As we are promoting steem towards world so we have try to explain people in easy way... This words are all from my perspective.. Looking for the future ... :) :) Steem is future...

I learnt more about been positive in life, during the bear market of 2018 and am still learning to stay positive in life. I always believe that the outcome of once life is as a result of the feeling.

That's Powerful words , yes so much we can accomplish when we are focus in our goals.

Steem going to be like Juggernaut, and unstoppable force. 🚀🚀🚀🚀

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@theycallmedan, A single thought have it's own weight brother and when we receive the thoughts of limitation from others and consume it then definitely that weight will going to depress us and crush us and inturn we will going to lock us into the Cage Of Limitation.

Communication is so powerful no matter in which age we are talking or communicating through channel of Art. No one will going to express for ourselves so, we have to come forward and have to create our reality.

Stay blessed brother.

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You are right. Nothing should stop us. I'm fighting for steem about 1 year and 9 months. I do my best to be always positive about steem and steemians. I even open myself to steemians and what ever they say about me, I just continue my positivity. It's hard sometimes to not care about the negativity, but I take a break and get back again and again.

We have to be positive, we have to share only positive things about steem. Negativity will just slow that promotion.

You are right, there is a big potential in steem and the poweful community we have. I'm also proud to be a part of this and to know someone like you. You'r videos are really empowering a lot of people. Your speach is really great. Thanks a lot.

Yes @clixmoney well said. Positivity helps to grow and negative thoughts will never help. Appreciate your positive efforts and dedication towards steem blockchain.

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Focus is important. Staying steadfast towards your goal and what you are doing ATM is very important. But, there always is room for flexibility, not laziness or breaks, just flexibility. Giving space for life's shenanigans play itself and maneuvering according to that. I say Stay focused and working towards your goal, while being nifty enough to ride the ups and downs.

One of the challenges I see new people face when learning about steem is that "steem" "blockchain" "crypto" all these words are either new or strange to them. Flight or fight kicks in and it gets shaky from there on.
But through personal experience and showing them what we do on the blockchain always gets them interested. Recently, I got my sister t join, too!

Good have you here boss

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Crypto market same like of reaching and some time grow fluently but not to sure time how much that's time so wait for that's time..and not depression in your life..
That's all..@dan

It’s time to put in the work baby! 💯

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I actually enjoy reading some comments instead of leaving one. Oh actually I just did! 😂

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I want to say something but am sure somebody already said it. 🚀🌚🌜


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Hi Dan,
Extremely inspiring video - much truth! We are indeed the makers of our own destiny... it takes having a vision, and a huge amount of hard work to succeed - but as the great Lao-tzu said: A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Upvoted and resteemed :D

Steemit is a pioneer in the use of cryptocurrency.
It offers theory and practice.

Yes and I think we are in our target and we are going the right way though slowly but positively.

Very nice video. The kind of knowledge and motivation you're sharing is good for community and I thumbnails and these are full of creativity. Thanks @theycallmedan

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Always positive man. always thinking about the future, with a clear mind and looking for work strategies that allow growth

Inspirational Message @theycallmedan



It is all about the momentum that can be built to drive this forward with engagement amd efforts of the community that continues to add value to the growing ecosystem!

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Not all things can be explained. I want them to be able to experience it..

Trade a token, watch it crash, watch it rise.. :)

I know it's corny, I just wish more could see it in action.

To be realistic today is to be visionary. To be realistic is to be starry-eyed.

  • Hubert H. Humphrey

Steem to da moon! We are going to make it, together!

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I'm really poor and struggling.
Steem is the only one left.
I started June 2017 on and off and now I ended up less than 200 SP.
I'm too weak and slow really but still keep moving.
I guess Steem is giving me more breaths to survive.
I hope it will last for life.

its the time actually for the new comers to grab

Of course it's very interested and useful massage sir I agree your words

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It's good to invest more in crypto now

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Hey Dan, if you get a chance check out project called . I think you will be impressed. Also would love to hear your thoughts. Peace!

I will give it a look. I remember seeing the creator I believe on Joe Rogan talking about AI, wild episode.

Yes! Dr. Ben Goertzel. His ideas are mind boggling.

Thank you for saying things I feel.

Damn....I've learned day by day from my failures and steem caught my attention and created opportunities for build up world wide connections and learn world wide cultures. I never hope to leave from my steem life coz steem already given win opportunities to my life.
I got big points of your wise conversation. Glad to see huge earthquake created from #steem users on Twitter via hustling. I'm also doing small part of there for promote #steem blockchain.

One direction set a destination and go.

Yeah...It can be easily to focus our end and easy to make plan for destination.

For the gate is narrow and the way is hard that leads to life, and those who find it are few. There is only one way and that is forward!

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