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Hey my friend!

This is just a little update of my day, the event and what I am going to do today while the @dtube.forum.

Tune in :)


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Oh cool one...i will be predicting the upvote value of the post on dcontest...lol


servus @tibfox,

Wieviele waren in Barcelona dabei?
Sehe einige posts, jedoch hält sich das in Grenzen.
gute Heimreise lg

Hey @reiseamateur! Ja also es waren echt viel weniger als angenommen und angemeldet leider. Aber wir waren ne gute Gruppe und hatten eine Menge Spaß!

Nächstes @dtube.forum wird länger vorher angekündigt und wir werden ein bisschen mehr promoten bzw. es wird ein paar organisatorische Änderungen und einen anderen Veranstaltungsort geben. Lass dich überraschen und danke für deinen Support!


Ja also es waren echt viel weniger als angenommen und angemeldet leider.

Macht euch nichts draus, es Spiegelt sich nur wieder wie bei den vielen Meetups, die Zahlen gehen fast auf Null! Selbst Gratis Getränke und was feines vom Grill zieht nicht mehr. Selbst das Steemfest stagniert.
Jedenfalls war es doch ein Gewinn das ein paar gekommen sind!
Leider ist es nun mal so das lieber in Spiele Tausende von Steem gesteckt werden, in der Hoffnung damit das große ROI zu bekommen, als in die Förderung unserer Steem Blockchain. (annmk. die Spiele suchen dann meistens das Weite und entfernen sich von Steem, ähnlich wie DLike, oder Drug Wars)
Eure Ankündung von ca. 6 Monaten war eigentlich vollkommen ausreichend, nur die Werbung alleine auf der Steem Blockchain, Vergiss es! Viele werden ihr kommen bekunden, in der Hoffnung recht viele upvotes zu bekommen, jedoch 99% werden nicht kommen! Das habt ihr jetzt selbst gemerkt. Dennoch finde ich euer dtube forum äusserst gut und wichtig! Ich kann zwar nicht versprechen das ich beim nächsten dabei sein werde, aber werde euch soweit es geht vollstens unterstützen!! lg und Steem ON!!

What a Lovely Beautiful Sunday ! @tibfox ♥♬

thanks for sharing @dtube.forum
May All Aim to B Achieved and Come True !

also Give Big Encouragement to #seven77
#steem On Movements and to @dcontest !

Have a Great Happy Sunny Sunshining Sunday ! 💙 with Hope and LOVE

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Thanks for your comment and wishes! I send some energy back to you :) keep steeming!!


Most Weeeeeeelcome ! :) ♥♩♬

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곰돌이가 @bluengel님의 소중한 댓글에 $0.014을 보팅해서 $0.009을 살려드리고 가요. 곰돌이가 지금까지 총 4707번 $53.119을 보팅해서 $59.825을 구했습니다. @gomdory 곰도뤼~

고마운 곰도뤼~♥

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@tibfox, It's reflecting and sounding as you are having an awesome time in Barcelona.

And from this video i can say that you are All-rounder because in a way you are covering both Professional and Personal aspects effectively.

Have fun and productive time ahead. Wishing you a successful journey.

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Thank you for your kind words and your time to watch and comment my video my friend :) keep going your good journey here and keep motivating people to post and engage!


Welcome and thank you so much for your blessful and kind response.

Congratulations brother your video had been selected by dcontest for Promoting your video in our contest post😊 within 30 minutes :)

Get ready to get some more real engagements 😊

Additional Information : Dcontest.org is a Dapp founded by @freecrypto and developed by @neavvy

Thaaank you my friends!! I love your dApp and the way you encourage people to write meaningful and valuable comments :) keep going that!


All the best brother!

Thanks! Same to you :)

Look in your wallet - you will be surprised :)

I saw it haha and I was really surprised!! already gave it to @hauptmann yesterday :P


Great video bro. I really wish I could attend the @dtube.forum. Good job.

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Thank you so much bro :) the steem spirit were with us and so you were in Barcelona also in some kind of way!


Smile, hahahaha. I like that believe, it very true.

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Goodluck @tipfox. I am waiting your next post about the Meeting. 👍

Thank you @rikaz87 ;) the next week will come some posts for sure


Wish i was there too, have not been there. Have a wonderful trip and lots of fun ya!

Yeap thats true.
we are learning every single day. from correct desicion or from wrong.
the point is to be stronger and wiser every day so next time we can manage any situation better.

It was the first one...and you guys organised it all by yourself
That alone you should take pride in :)
In theory things are always perfect,... now you have had your hands on, you know :)
I am excited to see where the 1st DtubeForum will lead us
Thank you for doing this @tibfox and the team of @Dtube.Forum <33

Thanks for the updates. Sounds like it was fun. Was it your first time in Barcelona?

Thank you for your response :) yeah it was my first time in Spain & it was nice and just like I've imagined it from television and so on. haha except the rainy weather ;)

I will take some more days for the next visit of Spain .. 3-4 days are just not enough to capture at least one city. But it was also not just holidays :P


Good afternoon @tibfox, thank you for sharing the @dtube.forum update in Barcelona. Have a successful forum. God bless

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Thank you olivia08 for your time to watch, comment & your wishes! We had an awesome forum and now I am kind of sad that I needed to leave them :)


Oh why?

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Because the event is over :)

It's nice to hear that, I thought you leave the community undone with something matters.

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Noooooo waaaaay :D

That's a good community being faithful to each and every member, keep up

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