Abel Danger, Holmseth, DnaJ7Lion... no such Agency.

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There is no such thing as the “Pentagon Pedophile Task Force”.

Montagraph called the Pentagon:


There is some shady stuff going on, @titusfrost. You're right. Something really stinks about this.

A lot of us used to really like Field McConnell. He claimed in that video that US Marines put Barry Soertoro in front of a firing squad at Gitmo on Sept 29, then recanted. Who would give him that kind of crap intel? And the lady who interviewed McConnell, Ann Vandersteel of Steel Truth, lists herself as "Trump Team 2020 Media Advisory Board." So, in some unofficial capacity, authentic or not, they seem to be working for the same boss.

Although the mass-media did misleadingly use archived images of Obama and Trudeau, from 2016.

Someone must find it the least bit odd that 2 days after the Oct 14 video pronouncing Barry's demise, the media used a Tweet and pics of the North American Leaders' Summit in Ottawa, from June 2016, in what appears as some sort of proof of life offer.

Edited and added some material for you, @titusfrost. Hope you can make some use of it.

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