Silent Doorways Acoustic Music Video by 12 String Guitarist Ylia Callan

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Silent Doorways Lyrics:

Now I'm staring at the ceiling.
With a focus on the feeling.
Seeing light outside the fable.
And the stars are making stairways through the oceans in my mind.

When there's something in the doorway.
And no birds outside my window.
I'll be walking through the mountains.
Where the silence starts to open up the doorways in my heart.

Now there's smoke inside the hallway.
And no mirrors on the fable, taking photos in the dark.
And their staring from the ceiling.
Shouting fight down on the table stealing photons from our heart.

Silent Doorways Audio

Guitar: Fender 12 String CD-100-12.

Music and video recorded with iPhone 6 - Samsung S5 mini and Macbook.

Software: AudioCopy - Garageband - iMovie.

Ylia Callan Musician Website.


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