Journey Through Space Song by 12 String Guitarist Ylia Callan

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Journey Through Space Audio

Journey Through Space Lyrics:

On a journey through the space.
A marble on its way.
The evolution race.
To see who takes the cake.

Now we wonder in the sky.
It's written in your eyes.
The soul makes its way.
To find a simple place.
With tales along the way.
It's written on your face.
We dream of all we see.
With hopes and memories.

And we can wonder in the sky.
The dreaming and the why.
The roads that we will take.
And all that we will face.
To find a simple home.
To make it on our own.
And see that we don't need.
A false reality.

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Guitar: Fender 12 String CD-100-12.

Music and video recorded with iPhone 6 - Samsung S5 mini and Macbook.

Software: AudioCopy - Garageband - iMovie.

Additional Footage:

Ylia Callan Bio and Musician Website.


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