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Here is my strategy for magic dice. Never lose. If you haven't checked out magicdice then check it out here:

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Hi, Trevon a good tip for winning on magic dice. Is it possible if you can show in the next video how to auto upvote someone.

This is great tre! you stay on the cutting edge for new things that turn out good! I gotta get my steem up!

Great advice on the dice game. Also great to see you talking more about steem and steemit. How much magic do you think is a good number to stop at or around. I see you are working towards 500k yourself!

Hey Trevon I see you don't use the chrome extension of steam wallet ( all it just needs is an auto roll but its much faster than the connect one and it comes up in the top corner, not in the middle of the page. Awesome video and I hope Magic dice will be the next one

But what do I do to get my steem connect to stop popping up?

Lock out of steem completly sighn in to the chrome wallet and then your magic dice

Thanks was wondering how it works

Its hard to control them emotions people get greedy real fast.
I will try this strategy thanks ✌

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Hey @trevonjb 😋 I've got a testimony now, I tried your strategy and it worked, first when I tried 1steem I loosed, tried 2steem I still loosed, but as soon as I tried 4steem, I got 8steem in return... should it be after 24hours or we'll just wait till tomorrow.

Sorry I don't grasp

Stop betting or go to another website or turn PC off, go to work the next day and when you get off, bet again.

How to never lose on magicdice?
Never play and belive me you'll never lose 😂😂😂

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From where you got this idea.
Its really working for me.😜

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Hate to say it trevon but at some point you will loose all your steem playing that method. I lost 13 times in a row and it got to the point where I was placing an 880 steem bet! I ended up loosing 1400 steem.

You're totally right.
It seems like a lot of risk for 1 Steem. You basically have to have a massive wallet to be able to always double it at a loss.

Here's what you put on the line if you lose 13 times:


The thing people forget is that just because you lost the previous couple of times, that doesn't make it any more likely that you're going to win this time... you've still only got a 49% chance of winning. If you play 1000 times, if it is totally fair then you'll only win 490 times... which means you'll lose 510 times, and you can get any number of those in a row. If you won on the 13th roll, you would have bet 4096 but you'd actually only win 1 Steem because 4098 of that win is covering the losses from before.

I was actually betting on under 65 / over 35 and only starting with 0.1 so I was making quite a lot of money, fairly safely, but was risking all of it.

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Loved your, ‘Magic Dice might be the Tronbet of Steem.’ I agree with that. Pumped for what’s coming down the Dapp pipeline for this blockchain.

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Yea. More games will be here. Steemconnect needs an feature to whitelist transactions like you can on tronlink tronpay and scatter before the games get here though.

Whitelist transactions, could you explain further?

Yeah sometimes it is indeed hard to control jk
besides do try to follow that at all times lol

Loved the video. Im not sure if you're willing to try my strategy out as it is time consuming but may be worth it for heavy STEEM users. Bet 1 steem until you lose and go all in on the next dice roll... Make sure you are betting at 95 and under or 5 and over. Let me know what you think Magicdice Steem.PNG

LOL… Don't be preaching this advice once we start collecting Dividends! Just kidding, that's the beauty of this, relies on human instincts. Us early adopters are going to be killing it one day.

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Good tip I think the key is discipline and don’t be greedy

Thank you. Seems like an interesting video, gonna check it out now!

Hi, I'm sorry for off topic question, but how do you choose witnesses you vote for?

if you are on steemit, the 3 lines in the top right hand corner should bring down a menu where you will find 'vote for witnesses'. Go there and it is simple from there.

Yes, I'm also a witness and I know that. I was asking how he decide if witness is worth of vote.

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Hi @trevonjb
Isn't this the 'martingale' strategy? Gambling is gambling and we may loose, if we get addicted and become greedy.

Yes it is!

'How To Never Lose' clickbait

Thanks for this video! I am preparing some kind of detailed tutorial about Tronbet and I will surely link some of your videos...
I hope that you allow that?

Amma go try this stuff, lol
Thanks trevon for this strategy
Hope I'll come with my testimony

What is the strategy of 24 hours? What about after winning, I start at 1 Steem again and continue the cycle?

Thanks for sharing your martingale strategy.

I share my point of view of this strategy here for the reference only.

thats a pretty good strategy

Rubbish and misleading. Too many arbitrary assumptions here like you won't get a losing streak for over 13 times ...or in initial 5 minutes on the game website or you can repeat this safely only once in 24 hours.

Man, you can't guarantee winning while you play regularly. If in doubt, check my experiencs here:


Art of Gambling in Online Casino Games

Good luck to you!

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