LOL I like that!

Trev im one of your many youtube followers, you made me to come to steem, follow back pls

Actly i want to chat. If you wud add me on telegram @bitXna

It was a very fluent vlog. I just found you. And after that I will be one of the most strict followers. I'm sure that. I wish I saw this video earlier. Maybe you will see my comment. Very good, sir. @trevonjb

I have seen several other intelligent people predict huge prices in the future per steem. I, of course really hope those predictions are right!

But we must never forget the responsibility we have now as this community to make a steem a welcoming and positive place. I think we are important for the future success of the steem blockchain, so we need to keep making a steemit a great place for interactions.reesteem done sir

@trevonjb very nice vlog.I just found you and I follow you.I'm waiting for your new video :)

Just about right mate!

Hey, I have been following you on YouTube. I guess I learned about steemit from you about a year ago but like most people I just bought and kept. But this video woke me up again. The focus you exhibit is inspiring man! I made up my mind to get off my butt and get active on steemit though I gotta admit it looks like a lot to learn. First for the fun of the ride. And also for the chance to earn a little extra while communicating knowledge. Just wated to say thanks for your consistency. It inspires me!!

YOOO you had me crying when you was trying to block the glare.. i know ppl in traffic was like wtf is he doing hahaha..i like these type of videos they're more personal and original .. is there anyway to get notifications for dtube?

LOL!!!! Yea that was funny to watch on the playback. And I'm not sure, havent tried yet.

LOL. I was feelin your pain so much. It was killin me. BTW, thanks for introducing me to this platform.

Posted this on your YouTube, but I'll post it here too. The guy who made has a good breakdown of the payouts.

Glad to see you embracing dtube! gives a good clear summary of your upcoming rewards

I like your decisiveness Trevon. You made a big move selling most of those Altcoins and going heavy into Steem. I see where your head's at though. Steemit, Dtube, and are embryos right now that could very well grow into the next Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. If that happens, investing in Steem and the platform now would pay ENORMOUS dividends later on. I've been investing my time and energy into the big SM platforms but I am shifting lots of attention to the Steem platform. I've noticed there aren't many tech accounts yet so my plan is to become the Steem Lord of Tech! May we rule together 🥂

Yes. Can't imagine what this place is going to be like at $100 Steem!

I feel like that could be very soon ! I see more and more people joining the steem community ! Next year will be a crazy year for sure, im excited for it :))

Couldn't agree more! I think it's bound to grow because there's no reason for content creators not to start posting content on here and pulling their followings to Steem. Working to be prepared for the wave of peeps in the coming years.

Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at 6.28.34 PM.png

To answer your question in the video about rewards being more than they appear, you were right! $1 awarded on an upvote is equivalent to $6.75 USD. You're making people richhhh with those upvotes right now. Thanks Tre, I appreciate it a lot!

I know exactly what $100 Steem is gonna be like. It's really simple.

Off the hook, that’s for sure!


Hey Tre
just do you and make videos about what you got going on. People need to stop looking for all the answers to success on YouTube. Go out and 10x your own successes. As for bitconnect if your tripping on it being down you probably put too much money you could not afford to lose in there.

Lord Trevon with the mighty STEEM Power lol... I've seen an account on here with about 1 Mil+ of STEEM power so you gotta beat those guys :D haha

Think of the power

It's for the Quest!

I'm loving Steem because it's more about building community vs. building your brand. I'm all about leaving that mentality back in land of FB and YT. Team Steem! Let's get it!

Well said. Come for the crypto, stay for the friends!

here is no any blockchain like steem that have many projects and exellent features like dtube utopian and many others and also the steemit this platfarm crash the facebook and then steem is only one platfarm which every people will like and good to see you again in you blog regularly with your talk on crypto and opinions on crypto
i also @resteemd this video

you are the guy that introduced me to dtube @trevonjb . It is an obvious app for the blockchain and will only get better. I've reached out to a couple of popular youtubers to get them to switch and there is some interest there. It's too slow right now but I'm sure it will evolve. Keep it up though. I send them to your profile to show your earnings. It's impressive.

thanks @trevonjb . I told my one serious crypto friend about your blog post and he agreed with you. He is all in with neo. He is also gonna get into steem now. You rock!

Tre, nice move selling your altcoins. People are trippin over Bitconnect. How many times have we been down this road. The site goes down sometimes. Oh really glad you brought back this style of video bro.

Good video. You should make a video that kind of breaks down and explains how much you can earn on steam. The fact that steem dollars are worth more than 1 USD messes with my head a little bit.

Also, I'm not gonna lie. I like the exit scam title you have on youtube better lol.

Yes I plan to do some this week. And yea that title was just to get views. Its really a promo vid for Steem :)


No complaints about SBD are worth 6 times more than 1 USD :p hahaha

yes my brother its good neo really going on moon from last months and also the steem in these days si going more up as rock and yes you say right now its wort 5 usd but we all hope it will cross 100$ in this year with the SMTs it will grow more up...neo is the more attractive coin and hope you hold it till a lot of big profit @trevon ,,,i am happy after your come back and share daily your thoughts with your videos

Love the vids. Hopefully there's a dtube app soon, will make viewing this easier

Yes that would be dope

Can honestly say i got excited seeing you replied.

Calm down tups, you're an adult

iPhone App!

I'm glad you are enjoying Steem again. Once you get past the politics it really is a great thing.
A 5$ upvote will get you about 1.9 sbd and 1 steem after the curation rewards.

yes sir you say right and i agree with you and i also love steem and i will wait for a good time when steem give me more more profit and i complete my all dreams with steem ,,,whats you say sir is steem complete our all dreams?
i have no neo but neo is a brilliant coin now in these days and hope your neo's give youa big profit....bitconnect is in fear some days ago i hear a news that maybe bitconnect crash i think this news is fake but it effected on bittconnect price so much

well its more good to talk on steem and you like it and i think after some time the steem will growing much more and cross the price value from all others mean eth ltc and others and will be near btc or maybe will cross also btc because i dont see the many advantage in any crypto like steem and now when the people from all whome world will be on steemit platfarm it will be rise its value
and also good that you take decesion and rise your power... also nice to watch your daily dtube videos @trevon
Be happy always with your pretty wife and cute baby and enjoy the steem with all of us

I really love to see you on dtube Trev , I've been following you on youtube. I love to watch your video, informative and entertaining. I'll try to follow your move,man. Yes dtube and steem will be huge. I am promoting it here in the Philippines. Thanks for the upvote, yes it is in Steem dollar. And One steem is $5 U.S. Congrats to your new born baby...Yes I am not worried on bitconnect going to maintenance I still believe in the platform..

DTube is legit. Thanks for the plug 🤳🏽 #100dollarsteem

Ma man Trev

#Steemit #Dlive #Dtube Taking Over! You're on DLive right now, lol!

Trevon, thanks for the update on BitConnect, I just started using it the other day and was very concerned about the site being down. Also I was wondering about the charts you use. I would really like to be able to look at the cryptos with the same indicators used with stock trading. What do you use for your charts? Thanks and keep up the good work!

Such smart Dtube crypto conversation by you @trevonjb. Better opinions about blockchain. Today started again crypto down. Be patience and will have to do more investment and trading tasks. This time not good short term invest. Hodl better option now and if you can increase vote power use your steem, we get best opportunity to earn more rewards through SP.
Up-Voted & Re-Steemed.

You should do some streems on dlive since it's out!

Don’t think DTube will be better than YouTube. If google sees DTube gaining traffic they will implement something like steem to start paying people. If not they will just buy DTube, in my opinion.

Just posting a random comment

I like the 2 different titles between and youtube. Clever girl....

@trevonjb I am Loving that Trevon is Back and UP voting his Supporters. DTube is the BOSS ! Don't be afraid of the YouTube Copyright. Do it all on STEEM....................

10000% agree on the Steemit position. Can't wait to see where this is going over the next few years. And I also agree with your position on focusing on certain coins and not being too spread out. Keep the content coming sir, it's awesome to see you so excited about Steemit!

HODL challenge failed will get them next time! What do you suggest : getting SBD and speculating to earn some Steem or just going straight 100% steem power?

Half and half like the blockchain pays.

Yet another great car video. Good thing u did not sell your steem, its gonna rise exponentially this 2018, the same for NEO too. That's a wise decision you made. Thanks for sharing, u are an inspiration to us all :)

Love that you are on steemit!!! You are the only crypto vlogger that I watch and now I don't have to go to yt! Best of luck and congrats on the new baby...

Hello Trevon,
I saw your video on youtube since your DTUBE is stopping and not playing very well. I have the same problem on some other posting and they had to switch to vimeo. I did like your video.

How many people will get rekt if Bitcoin enters a multi year bear market?

@trevonjb I love the fact you are back to the steem blockchain. You will bring more hype and bring people to the greatest platform on the internet!!

Always learning lots from you.!! Keep it up. Like my hubby, I guess im keeping up with your videos now too. :)

yess brother steemit is the new shit ,holding it too man! enjoying your drive & talks ;) 6:58 That smile !
all hail the lord XD!

Android life yessir! Lol - I love the whole vibe and feel of steem...thanks for letting your followers in on the inside tips and tricks and just sharing real life Tre!

Steem to the Moon!!!...:)...

I'll see you on the moon Trev

Its super exciting how era of youtube and all other centralized platforms are going to become "past" in near future. :)

Keep up what you do! And thanks for sharing!

Dtube is really awesome ! I think very soon everyone will migrate from Youtube and Dtube will be the number 1 ! I love your car vlogs, keep them up Tre !

I feel steem could be the very next thing NOW! ! I see more and more people joining the steem community ! Next year will be a crazy year for sure, I see you are a fantastic steem fellow and I am following you for sure

Thanks for turning me onto Steem bro!! And DTUBE. It's the future. Currently making my first Video.

Blockchain altogether is taking over in a major way! Hopefully in a few years we will look back and look at Facebook, how we all look at myspace today! What's interesting is some of these new ICO'S coming out with newer better technology, that will greatly improve the blockchain as a whole! image

To Tre, congrats on the baby girl. My youngest just turned 2 yesterday. Her name is Lumina.

Also thanks for keeping me on my toes when I saw the video title about bcc exit scam I figured you were click baiting but I clicked anyways...

Love the content. Appreciate the tips on digibytes, doge and burst a while back i made some still on your recommendations.

Also thanks for getting me into BCC lending I'm very happy w. The platform.

Anyways thanks. Blessings to you and your growing family.

Screw YT. Super centralized. DTube is the future!!! Great videos Tre!

HODL'n through the FUD

Steem to the moon. Nice work with your house! Wish you the best and your family @trevonjb.

great to see ya in DTube @trevonjb ! you are the reason why i am on this platform (thanks to one of your old youtube videos) so I am very grateful for that! following you long time and learned a lot...wish you the best mate! greetings from Spain :)

I noticed your told anything. Today cryptocurrency seems bullshit movement with red liner candle stick. Waiting to see pullback. Keep hodl your cryptos. Soon It will increase. 2018 is a greatest year for cryptos.

Great post.@trevonjb

Resteemed and upvoted

Resteemited sir....

Awesome Dtube talking style you've @trevonjb. Awesomeness. Unfortunately loaded very slowly. So I can't hear your totally conversation. Currently steem worth seems some good position than last week. Steem is our greatest wishes in this platform. It helping to us increase SP. Great opinions and thank you.

love your work bud, and congrats!!

Glad to see your coming back to steemit. Resteemed so others can see your back!

great to see youu again and i would like to tell you that your videos in youtube do a great favor for me

Trevon Bro................. I have to be fair, STEEM is going to go far. The fact they are advanced to a video platform could and should prove to be a fantastic move.

It's a shame that alot of people didn't know that STEEMIT existed before. Very easy to use, it's fun even if someone doesnt make many STEEM.

Thanks for advice you give also.


@trevonjb Dtube the new and improved youtube.!! Loving this platform!!

great to see you in dtube wish you aall the best buddy

I love your courage, consistency you great, keep keep up being You!

Steem and Dtube are the future. Blockchain is the future. We are the future. Steem on baby!

I find myself checking more DTube now that Youtube and I don't plan on going back :)

i sub :) From Canada Quebec i move too on f******k yea youtube

Choo choo steem train 🚂

Just hopped on Dtube. Thanks to you Trey. Hopefully it's a good way to position ourselves for what the future holds for Steem.

Would you advise I sell my Ethereum for Steem?

I just got into steemit and I can't wait to see this thing grow even bigger. Thanks for convincing me to join! :)

Yes I believe this is gonna be huge!

If you wanna be the LORD of Steem, well you're going to need to surpass some major accounts like @haejin... I'm really looking forward to that man.
The more huge accounts there are, it may sound strange, but it would be better for the reward pool and for the growth of Steem. Because now, just a bew big guys are playing the reward pool and the masses follow them.
Curious to see how the future is going to be here. "a 100 USD for one Steem" wow, if you are expecting that, well that I like!

Hey man, love the move over the D-tube.

Here is a perfect breakdown post of how we get paid from Steemit. From post to payment.

Its very cool that you are so committed to Steem and Steemit. I agree and hope that D-Tube will gain a ton more of new users on 2018 and continue growing (to kick YT's ass 😁)

Yo Tre glad your back on steemit. Your the first person I followed when I got into crypto. Got doge at all time lows cus of one of your posts.

Yes do more steemit info vids! Really appreciate it thanks @trevonjb

Awesome Dtube work. thanks for sharing.
100% like and resteem

Dtube will be the new king! <3

We takin over for sure!

Great Job, DTube can be for sure a great asset for Steem.
The decentralization will be key in the future!

hello friend @trevonjb excellent information, you know that I follow you for a long time and I am surprised that you achieved so much with so little and publish things to help others I think it's great you trust me I still recommend things because I see that you do it.
I am from Venezuela and the thing is hard on these sides but I think that if you could achieve it from scratch many people with faith and dedication and desire to bring their families ahead can make you greetings friend @bitcointe I have not won any awards but we continue Trying to see if I can recover a little bit from some stale that left me in zero we keep going.

Nice one @trevonjb I will like do know if you steem on mobile? or do you have App for that.

Nice one @trevonjb i will like to know if you steem on mobile or have app for that

FOH with the FUD!!!

Yeah, I also noticed all the crypto currencies going down - so you hit the perfect time to sell everything!

Very wise decision about selling it all

Still can't believe I'm just now finding out about this. Thanks again man.

Amazing post Mr @trevonjb Blockchain is awesome RESTEEMED and shared in the facebook group And thanks for the catalytic support

Great video, keep up the work, you are inspiration for all of us. Let go NEO let’s go Steem!
Just remember where you were few years ago and where you are now. There is no way you wouldn’t motivate any of us.

i wish you and your family all the best @trevonjb! :) Keep up the great work.

Thanks for sharing your opinion with us. Great video, keep going!

Dtube is awesome! Keep up
the great work man love your vids and all your content!

Trevon, thanks for taking time to build Steemit while you're busy with your fam. Trev-Steem-On-It

Hey Tre. I love that you are embracing dtube. Hopefully other youtubers follow and this brings more people to Steemit. Like you say this platform will be huge. I love these videos. The new style is great. “Riding with Tre” lol. Man congrats on everything you’re doing with your kids and the house and everything. I love to see you winning man.

I’m not worried about Bitconnect either. It’s the most reliable and time proven lending platform out there. It has lasted much longer than any other and hasn’t not paid out. It actually pays out like it says.

Man I’m just so excited for this platform. You are a great thing for it. I love that interacting with you seems so much easier here and I can give you upvotes, even if they are small. I’m here to HODL steem and grow this account just like you. Hopefully my account surpasses yours one day lol

You have useful videos my dear you were the first one i watch in youtube about steemit hacks

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