It just means so much to me. I have never really felt passionately about something like this before. It has awakened a whole new part of me. (Not to sound new age-y or woo woo.) I honestly came on here thinking, hm, a Facebook that you get paid to use? And then reality smacked me right in the face, and I started to see that this was a whole network, a whole little world. It's all been such a crazy wild ride so far. I would very much like to see it continue

It's certainly exciting. I've been into this stuff for years already and the excitement hasn't worn off. I'm not sure if I know what you mean about awakening a new part of you and new age-y-ness, but I might. I'm not sure what your background/beliefs are in terms of religion/metaphysics, but I consider how humans relate to each other, interact, and organize themselves to be deeply significant on what many people would refer to as a spiritual level. Personally I think it's pretty unhelpful to compartmentalize religion/spirituality apart from other aspects of a person's belief system and philosophy.

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