Important message to all Truthers! Youtubes new Censorship!

in #dtube4 years ago

Youtube has started a major censor campaign against any "Potentially Controversial" videos. They say they just "limit a view features" but in reality they make the videos Impossible to find outside of my channel. Completely removing them from YTs search results. Not only that, they also turn off comments, and make it to where you can not use a link to share the video (go ahead and try with the link below) and no matter what, links to it will not work on most web browsers (I got Maxthon to work) This is as close as you get to ridding free speech without out deleting the video. Its like putting your video in a box where no one can find it. Note that I have 4 videos like this already. All my videos on the Las Vegas Shooting and my compilation video of Corbett Reports 9/11 suspects which had nearly 200k views before they did this. Also with the content in these videos that are censored, they could potentially censor 99% of my videos is this manner. There is nothing in those videos that are worse than anything else we post.

I have attempted to counter these with appeals but I doubt they will overturn it. Be ready for more YT crack down and be sure to follow our other channels and sites. You can find everything on



They used to tell us that Russia was like America is fast becoming.

Stay true and strong man!

If you want to watch the Las Vegas shooting video Opera brouser :

Once downloaded click on the red O top left of browser ...go to settings ,then click Privacy and Security ..scroll down to VPN and tick box enable VPN...

Copy and paste the youtube address from your normall browser into the Opera browser and it should play .

thats why i came to steemit

The censorship is getting worse and worse, which means they are getting more and more desperate. Keep up the great work because you are obviously doing something right if they are censoring you. Up Voted and Resteemed to help expose what is really going on. Here's my post froths morning which also reveals more censorship taking place.

Seems like GREAT time to make a steem-promo video.... I think I know what I will work on today lol! I am sorry you are having these issues, but youtube is putting their own fork in themselves and it is sort of funny to watch.

exactly, like they want people to switch !

Damn thats brutal af.

Hey man, I like your stuff and share in your frustration with YT. Glad I found you over here.

YOUTUBE is in a self destruct mode ❗️They blocked your video here , but DTube came to the rescue 👏👍 . FUCK YOUTUBE 🖕❗️ GO STEEMIT ‼️👏👍✌🏼♥️👊🏻

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