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RE: Steem Secrets #1 (Delivered By @sunnylife): "You Are Whale To Me!"; This Is Where Your Steemit Journey Should Begin.

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Yeah. I believe I'm a whale but sometimes giving someone 0.00 upvote and getting $0.00 on my posts just like I've been getting for weeks now, makes me forget about that. But all the same getting the low upvotes makes me to keep striving for greatness as a whale.

Thanks for reminding me that Im a whale , though it may take time but I'm a whale.. I'll keep steeming hard. No giving up.


Those zero earnings of yours will turn into a powerful story. Never give up and YES you are a WHALE we all are!!!

Steem on everone!

YESSS! thanks so much sis for everything.
Love you always.
Thanks for inspiring me as well.
@surpassinggoogle thank you for believing in us.

hawak kamay tayo kahit saan man dalhin ang steemit haha! You are always welcome sis!

Ginalingan mo masyado, hindi tuloy ako makapag record ngayon haha, ang pangit ng boses ko, pwede ba mag rent ng studio? haha!

yess gorabels!!!! this is pansit for u! keribels mo yan
ilabas na ang american accent mo hihii
love u muaaaaa

Forget about the earnings, it will come.
share from your heart and you won't get tired posting everyday.
Have fun and enjoy it.

Wow. This hit me right. Thanks for this Forget about the earnings and share from your heart I did something like that here You may love to read it and drop your contribution.

Everyone is a whale is just on how you appreciate things..good information for us maam I am proud of you.

salamat kapatid:)
steem on and have fun!

I agree what you say, Forget for earning wan work hard. So you the earning will follow you.

Learning is the ultimate earning. Follow each release, it will have all the info you need broken down, so broken down

Learning is the ultimate earning

Thanks for this motivation. I just understood that principle. Learn first then later you remove L from Learn and that's when you Earn..
You may love to read the little thing I've learnt on Steemit here

That is why im happy i am built in by mistakes because someday I can benefit all these mistakes upon learning from it.

Can I get the timing for the release?

pacing is key, so that solidity stay intact. special resource as well are my blogs. while you await, ingest those. dig

You are Great @surpassinggoogle.
i appreciate you

Thanks man. I'm grateful for your words

Mr terry ajayi , u are doing a great work sir , more greese to your elbow

nice resteem @surpassinggoogle, also a very inspirational and motivational write up from @sunnylife, i hope am a whale too although haven't seen one lol!!...👌💯🔥

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