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We go Island to Island in New Zealand on the one and only Interislander.
We ride our car on the ferry across the channel that connects the North and South Islands of New Zealand, The Cook's Strait. We have an epic adventure and super keen for the south island.
Waste your life & Join the Adventure
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We are Mat & Sophie. A Kiwi & a German!
Life enthusiasts. Freedom Seekers. Backpackers.
Living a free, simple & pure life.
We have been traveling the world for more than 3 Years now.
We want to find excitement in every day by doing what we love.
To some, we are wasting our lives by traveling instead of focusing on a career or doing the norm.
But we proudly embrace the title 'Life Waster' and we want to share our story with all the other Life Wasters out there!
As long as we can find a solid connection we will be posting daily vlogs.
Big plans are ahead of us, so join the journey and follow us as we take on the globe.

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O wow, it is like a dream like travelling with someone your favourite at the world's famous place and going to different Islands.

You know what, I love travelling and I love isalnds. Even it is in my goal to own a island in my life and after watching your video, right now I am just jealous lol

Anyway, jokes apart,I would like to ask, As a travel vlogger, what is the biggest or common problem you face/have faced?

Our honest biggest problem is money. We do everything really cheap and have become really comfortable with being able to sleep anywhere but when you need to eat in the western world and have no place to cook, the price of food can make it hard. But we love the challange : )
Where are you planning to go next ?

Awesome! One of my dream vacation spots is New Zealand! I can't wait to go there. :)

It's the best place for a getaway : )

I believe it! :)

Thank you for sharing

Thank you for watching : )

Love the video, thank you for sharing! I'll have to get to NZ for a holiday

Well if you're in Melbourne then it's not too far ; )

Thank you : ) It was an amazing ride

You guys have a pretty cool life, you must have a lot of Bitcoin. Wellington looks great.

We wish we had some bitcoin haha. We do everything as cheap as possible so we can go as long as possible : )

Hehe love the premium lounge! Can't wait till my NZ adventure starts! Gonna follow you guys. Hoping for lots of traveltips :D

Oh btw how was the detour? And what hurricane? Hopefully not to many people got hurt/things got damaged in the south?

A main coastal town was hit pretty hard and it means there was a 6hour detour drive. But that road opens again tomorrow so will be fine when you arrive : )
When are you heading to nz?

6hours wow... had a pretty view I hope that detour? Good to hear the road will be open when I arrive hehe. My plane is leaving 26th of march, from Amsterdam to Christchurch. Till when do you guys stay in NZ?

Oh cool, we plan on being here until mid April. Could maybe meet up when you are here?

Would be awesome to meet if you're guys still there:D

Already have plans for your next travel location after NZ?

😀would be awesome.
We are planning bali straight after nz right now

Bali ohlala that sounds perfect.
For meeting we keep in touch! :D

New Zealand is beatifull place I hope someday I can get myself to plan trip there and enjoy my theme with those amazing views. Good time there!

If you havent been you really should. Its an amazing country

cool :) keep sharing #reesteem

Thank you so much : )

you guys are awesome! wishing you both wonderful adventures. I look forward to following you, @wastedlife.

Thank you so much : ) So happy you found us and like us!

Miss the amazing scenery (and weather of course!) of New Zealand. Great vlog, can't wait to see more :)

They say risk only comes from not knowing what you are doing.

It's so beautiful here ! When did you come to New Zealand?

I lived there until I was 18! I last visited last year :)

Oh thats awesome. Which part of new zealand did you live?

Waoo..i live travelling, but my current job has been so demanding that am tied down and restricted...can't wait to have that life sure joining you as you take on the globe

Thanks so much for joining along : )
When you get a chance to go, take it! Have to grab the chance when you can and I promise you wont look back : )

New Zealand is definitely on the bucket list.. nice video, thanks for sharing with us :)

You should come when you can. It's really nice here : )

very nice..lets continue to post like that..

Thank you so much : )


Hermoso vídeo, gracias por compartir.

Muchas gracias por compartir

Haha, busted! :)
Awesome sight btw!

It honestly is the best view out there : )

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Good..follow wastedlife

Thank you : )

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