Wall Creators - When all you get to see is a talking head and a wall.

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Air BnB walls, your flat´s wall or even the inside of a car. When video creators keep bringing the same backgrounds over and over again... it gets boring. Don´t get me wrong, I love walls, I am a Pink Floyd fan and that must be the reason why I did put up with watching the same walls over and over for the last six months since I started consuming DTube content almost daily. But yeah I´m kinda over it. I know that nobody is forcing me to consume the content from the "wall creators" but I just keep hoping that someday I will get to see something different: some grass, a street, a tree, a timelapse, just freaking something different.

I hope you guys enjoy my rant, and see you all in the next one!

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YES! Preach brother. I'm so tired of seeing videos of blank walls and talking heads or no change in background or location. So great to see someone else that notices the same thing. Love it.

Thanks for the support buddy, appreciate it tonnes!

Who wouldn't notice it Captttt :D haha

Thanks for the resteem @captainbob. I needed to see this :)

Interesting. I did two takes of my anniversary video yesterday at home and I was quite pleased with it. I spent research time, effort and money to set up my studio space with lights, figuring out the audio, working out the camera angle and how to make the background interesting but not distracting, how to use depth of field to make it look good. All that.

My daughter came home and I said I'd made a talking head video for my anniversary and she was like, daaad, that's boring.

And d'you know, she was right!

So, I took my camera out to the One Tree, my favourite tree on my dog walk and shot the video up there along with some B roll and it came out much better, though admittedly it took waaay longer to make.

One thing I will say though is that you asked why bother if you get paid for minimum effort against your wall of choice. The flip side of that is putting in a shed load of effort and time and not getting paid. That can be kinda disconcerting and lead to thinking why bother when I can just do it against my wall. Just a thought.

Words of wisdom! Very well said @dontstopmenow. "Pink Floyd The Wall." Hahaha!

Thanks a lot Lydia!! I am glad to know I am not the only one thinking this way.

We don´t need no wall creators
we don´t need no self upvotes
Hey!! Creators!! Leave the comfort zone!!

hey hey hey, my American flag is not a white wall. MERICA!

I was surprised to know (watching one of your lasts videos) that your office is in the attic, that sounds really cool.

No man, you show us different stuff in each Steemit Minute episode, new info: new charts, new steemians and so on.

Yeah im in an attic with no air conditioning. Right now it sucks. Thanks for the fun video.

Also...the video finally loaded. 😀 So I was able to watch it. Couple things real quick.
First, beautiful location. Not bad at all for a second choice.(damn gardener!)😁
Secondly, it also makes me feel weird to talk on camera in front of strangers. To me, it feels like they judge me. It's real uncomfortable. 😬
Thirdly, do you know what kind of bird that was at the end of the video...the one that was screaming at your audience? I thought it sounded grand, and so was just curious. Thanks for the video brother.

Thanks again bro! Yeah the location is similar, the view is looking at the same lagoon, but the first spot was higher, at the top of a little hill. And the second spot is just by the water.

I know the feeling, I just cant take it, if theres people around I cannot talk to the camera. I wish I wouldn´t care, or that I could ignore them 100% but for the moment its not possible for me.

I have no clue which bird did that really loud noise, when I was watching the video I was like wtf that is so loud! 😂😂

Thanks again for your support!

Wow very wonderful art class. thank you friend . your post is very important and great full . thank you so much.

You love my wall videos, Bruno ;)

I remember a video that you went to a sick spot in a summer night, a bridge or something, cant recall... you could see part of the city from there, really cool.

I also remember the skateboarding one in the sideway, another one inside a car just after watching a Marvel movie in the cinema with your mate.
And more recently the short one with the wild kangaroo and the one in the forest with your mate.


Dammit, just say I suck already :O haha

Well... as you can see I watch your videos mate. Not all of them but I do watch your content regularly 😄

Just wait another month. Once the col is over and the sunset is later on in the night. Adventures outside begin again. And steemfest vlogs :)

this makes me think of a great sketch idea. some guy talking about how great his life is...so excited and pump to share all these amazing things as he sits in front of a blank wall... then he goes to turn it off but he misses the record button and it keeps recording and he moves the camera to the other side of the room and sits down on a shitty couch and starts playing video games on a small shitty tv. and his girlfriend comes in and say... 'are you done with your stupid vlog? do you wanna be impressive., go wash your own stupid dishes... that would impress me'

LOL That sounds really funny. I can feel de decadence in that character, I picture the room as really filthy and rundown, and I imagine his smiley face to turn into pure sadness as soon as he thinks he pressed the REC button.

Bring it on mate!

yeah... exactly he huffs and swears under his breath.... he is the polar opposite person when he thinks he is not being recorded. Love it.

At 3.39.that is amazing color there . You are right and your are not complaining you just saying the truth :).

I don't use backgrounds when I post video...I can't afford one.😁 And I love Floyd too. You're all good on your rant. I think you have a valid point. Could you imagine turning on a show or the news(or whatever you watch...other then here)...and every backdrop was the same. Have a great day brother. Rant any time you need.

Hey! Thanks a lot for the supportive words, it really means a lot 🙂🙂

You have a great day too brother, peace!

I like your video, it's not really boring. The place is really nice...you are also good in video editing. May I know what video editor are you using?

Thank you for the compliments!

I use iMovie, its really easy to use and pretty decent for a free software.

You really touched something I haven't think much about it. You are 100% correct, there are better platforms for a guy that only talks in the same place (especially if it is a wall). Videos are supposed to present new things besides the topic they talk about.

I was checking your 748 upvotes (at the moment) and looks like DTube really understands what you mean.

Im really surprised to see lots of steemians agreeing to my point. I usually am the lone ranter.

Thanks for passing by Diogo!

You are completely right, that's why you are not ranting alone... :D

hahaha "wall creators." love it.


Good to see you around man!

hello i'm a wall vlogger !!!! Nice video man :D It's good to see someone else who is thinking same with me

Good video. Following respectfully.

That's so interesting because I just saw somewhere else that someone films in front of the same wall because it's consistent with their brand.

But you hate the same wall which means maybe...

...maybe there are no rules for branding!

Maybe you can create a brand even if you go sit in grass once in awhile. Lol my wheels are turnin'... I'm thinking way too much considering I've only made like 5 videos haha

A great message, extremely well delivered, and yes, I enjoyed the footage.
Thank you.

Thanks buddy, appreciate your feedback 😊


My vlog tonight, was inspired by yours :)

Awesome man!

I loved the aviator/astronaut statue, that looked really unique.

The weather looked just like here at the moment, windy and cloudy.

I´m glad to have inspired you 😊

You're truely a ranter but surely a good one! LOLOLOLOL Agree with that! About the effort too. So glad now seems like there're really peeps watch DTube vids before it get upvoted fairly. Where you're sitting is soooo pretty!

Thanks Mo!

Yeah I agree that the new curation in DTube looks a lot better now with different weight votes. I think it encourage the creators to put more effort and bring better quality content.