10 Steem Dollar Giveaway and Bonuses inside!

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In today’s video I can’t wait to share with you that I’m giving away 10 STEEM DOLLAR to one lucky winner, and this is a giveaway for all of you who have followed me, upvoted, all this kind of fun stuff. Watch the video to see how you win.

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Great videos. Following.

I imagine everyone will say that they will power it up but I wouldn't, if I did power it up it will just reduce the amount of 90 days of delegated steempower I bought, so I will hold it until my delegated steempower expires.

Thank you for commenting @mrfringe and sharing with us your strategy with SP.

Well @joeparys your YouTube channel helps alot i have almost watch all your videos of guidance of new steemer as well as how to use steemit bots and how to get benefits from crypto currency hope you will support new steemer like us too.. Thanks again for your great work
In the end #use
I am looking forward to use effective bid bots with this 10 steem like you taught us on YouTube channels and dtube obviously

Hi @joeparys,I've learned a lot by watching your video. You are an example for new people who come in to steemit platform. If we win 3 steem of course, then all of them will be deligate to you for earning daily small reward and i resteemd your post to my followers because they deserves the best steemain like you and They should learn a lot from you to success on steemit platform. Thank you for such a wonderful giveaway.

Thank you for your comment and kind words @mysjm.

I am your great fan @joeparys i have also followed your YouTube channel and learn alot about cryptography and how to use effective steemit

You know your effective use of steemit bot videos admire me to use steemit. I wish i could get this reward so i Will be able to use it effectively like you said to look for ROI in bots while bidding @joeparys
And i am gonna use this 10 steem to grow me as an adult and become an independent man who can prove world that i can earn online money just need a little uplift.

Hii @joeparys
Well man i always wanted to meet you in person just to salute your cooperation and work for this steemit community you are one the great people who teach about steem and steemit and cryptocurrency alot appreciate your work by upvote follow u and commenting here hope you accept my gratitude
Atlast i will be use this 10 steem by donating 5teem in new users and remaining 5 to earn from that and when i reach 50 i will donate other 5 to new users.

Thank you for your kind words and comments @sulmanjaved.

Your welcome @jeoparys hope to for the best.i wish i could have some steem

You are very good Ideal for me. I am always support you and learn something new

Thanks for your support @susobharaj.

I like the content Joe.
I will power up and delegate the steem dollars back to you.
How's that?

Wow!! This is so cool. For small accounts it helps a lot. I have been your follower since the day i joined steemit. Personally, this amount will help me grow more on steemit. Would love to win. All the best to all. Cheers!

Thank you for commenting @abnep.

Wow... @joeparys with the heart of gold is here again. Awesome video there.
Okay, Steem is around #330 and 10 steem gives me #3300(Nigerian naira). My 12kg cylinder gas has been exhausted for a while and I've not been able to cook with it. I'll sure be able to fill my gas with #3300 if I get it. Thanks much.

Superb !! you're so amazing man.

You are awesome @joeparys and thank you for these awesome giveaways.
Thank you for all your contribution to this platform and making it fun.
I really enjoy your videos and I am a fun of yours.
Have a wonderful Friday @joeparys

Thank you for your kind feedback @joalvarez.

Thank you very much for the support you give to the novices in steemit. I have been working for a long time and I have used your bot to promote my publications. We need more people like you in Steemit. Regards!

Your work is wonderful and you are a great added value in all of Steemit. Your videos guide us very well and give us reasons to follow you.

Hi @joeparys im already following you since month I started . I watched so much with your videos and I learned alot when I'm just started in steemit.
what I'm going to do with the SBD?If I will be the lucky one you choose to be the winner? I will just Powering it up and ReInvest in Steemit for my future . Because I believe so much in STEEM and STEEMIT

Thank you for following and watching my videos @mjtravel.

If I won 10 SBD, I would convert the SBD into Steem and purchase 5 shares of @steembasicincome for the first 5 members who joined a community I started called @BirthdayBoost. I would give this away as a small thank you" for their support.

I would use would use the remainder of the SBD to promote the community of power up.

I am looking for opportunities that have an immediate impact and will keep giving in the future.

Thank you for your detailed comment @sumatranate on how you would use the 10 SBD.

I was a recipient of your 2.5 Steem giveaway the last time, so I will be letting others have a go at this one.

Thanks for being so generous, I appreciate all that you do and will always support in the little way I can

I am very good feeling about giveaway
Because I am feeling with win the giveaway
Keep it up sir
I am long term following steemit and YouTube

Love your videos and information, and thanks for offering the giveaway!

If selected, I'd invest the 10 Steem into Steem Power so I can continue building towards an upvote that's worth something for the participating members of SteemHeroes.

Many users have already contributed some really great characters and content for the Steem-exclusive superhero universe we're growing together and I want to continue building the foundation so I can eventually provide some decent rewards to all of our contributors.

i will probably use those 10sbd to educate my self just like i did by studying your Steemit 2.0 course. Thanks joe that course really helped me a lot.

Thank you for your feedback about the course @sumit71428.

Great videos...
Cant wait to see your next post.

Nice approach for competition & i wait for win

Great information... Im really, really excited about this platform.. What an awesome time to be alive!

with 10 steem dollars I will convert it to steem power to help increase my position on the platform

Thank you @cryptojiang for telling us what you would do with 10 SBD.

well does this mean I win?

Chance is the first step we take, luck is what comes afterward....
Hope luck favor me @joeparys

Thank you very much for your help!
Although lately not used bots, since I have SBI and some awards of votes. I hope to use again soon, and I will choose yours! I would be very helpful, to increase my earnings in Steem Power. Since I am a small fish, my small goal is to exceed at least 100 SP this end of the year. For now I follow your advice to manage my cryptocurrencies and get better results.

It is expected a good end of the year, many success, regards!

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If I re-steem your post after 7 days, does it mean that it starts making money again?

I am a great admirer of your work and the excellent information and tools that you give us to be better in this way. Thank you very much for this contest.