DtubeSnap #1 Video Response: How has parenting changed my life?

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I've only just started noticing the DtubeSnaps and have been enjoying them so much - especially on the #SteemitMamas community!

I decided to make my first DtubeSnap (as challenged by @happycrazycon and @alimamasstory) as a video response to @iamjadeline's question of:
Is there ONE thing that has changed in you ever since you become a parent?

My response to that is: What hasn't changed?! Heehee! Sometimes as a parent you can feel quite overwhelmed by this new label and feel like it has changed who you are completely.

But has it changed you? Or has it just challenged you to be better?

I'd like to echo Alfie Kohn:

“Even before i had children, I knew that being a parent was going to be challenging as well as rewarding. But I didn't really know.
I didn't know how exhausted it was possible to become, or how clueless it was possible to feel, or how, each time I reached the end of my rope, I would somehow have to find more rope.
I didn't understand that sometimes when your kids scream so loudly that the neighbors are ready to call the Department of Child Services, it's because you've served the wrong shape of pasta for dinner.
I didn't realize that those deep-breathing exercises mothers are taught in natural-childbirth class don't really start to pay off until long after the child is out.

I couldn't have predicted how relieved I'd be to learn that other peoples children struggle with the same issues, and act in some of the same ways, mine do. (Even more liberating is the recognition that other parents, too, have dark moments when they catch themselves not liking their own child, or wondering whether it's all worth it, or entertaining various other unspeakable thoughts).
The bottom line is that raising kids is not for whimps.”
― Alfie Kohn, Unconditional Parenting: Moving from Rewards and Punishments to Love and Reason

Another comforting thing I read before, was that parenting should just amplify who you are and what your values are.
Parenting can be seen as a tool to challenge your core beliefs and refine your values. In order to truly embody a value, it needs to be challenged, it needs to be pushed against and put to the test. Children are AMAZING at this!

What we need to do is exactly define these values so when we are enraged by our children for not listening to us or breaking something that we can draw on these values and resourceful states to not only be a better parent, but a better human!

Never before being a parent have I felt anger and rage and frustration like I have when challenged by a 2 year old - or even worse, a 5 year old that really should know better by now.

I have noticed, way too many times in the past, that when I explode in my anger and resort to punishment that my kids just shut down. The relationship is damaged, our trust is broken and I've completely missed an opportunity to teach and to empower my children, and therefore also miss my own opportunity for growth and compassion.

So, I managed to call my kids upstairs and reason with them that throwing molding sand all over the playroom can be a lot of fun in the moment but then creates great disruption to our day to clean it up and that it makes that whole room uncomfortable to be in and play in. When they feel like making a great big mess it is best to go outside where there is less cleaning to do. I explained to them that I will only be making the molding sand available to them when they ask and then it will only be allowed outside on the table because that, too is not cheap sand that can just be thrown around willy nilly.

So my approach to discipline has completely evolved from disciplinarian, authoritarian and coercion to compassionate, kind and empowering. This aligns with my values and amplified them. And each time I respond with compassion instead of react with anger, I feel myself embodying my highest values.

Happy parenting!!

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I invite @ladyofavalon to give it a bash :)


Parenting is definitely not for the weak or fragile heart. Truly takes a lot of patience and understanding. I do feel for you and I believe every parent does in one way or another.

Heehee! Too true :) I don't think anyone actually fully understands the full meaning of patience until it's tested by a 2 year old ;)

Guess that's why they call it the TERRIBLE TWO !!! 😊.They warn us in advance over centuries that this will never go away ...

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Hahahaha!!!!! 🤣

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So glad you took up the challenge
I was smiling right through the video
I loved it!!
Please do moreeee
Kids.... they are wonderful and I always count my blessings .... when they are in bed and I am crawling back down the wall they sent me up during the day hahaha
You are doing a fantastic job with the kids
Someone once told me about his teen that wouldn't put his dirty clothes in the laundry basket
It used to drive his wife bonkers, and she'd complain and get into little arguments with the son
(The guys is a child psychologist) So they sat down talked to the boy and it was decided that the mother would only wash the clothes in the laundry basket, and if he was going to leave his clothes on the floor, then he'd have to find a way to get them clean.
So after a week, there was no more clean underwear right. The mother was all set to pick up everything off the floor and wash them. The man says no, don't go back on your word.
First of course the boy complained there was no clean underwear. Mother nodded to acknowledge but did nothing else.
He used a dirty underwear inside out.
Second day same thing.
After that, all his dirty clothes always found their way into the laundry basket.
hahahaha,.... we just have to stick to the plan as difficult as it is

thank you so much @wildwanderer for sharing your day with us <3

Oh yay! It warms my heart so much to see you say that! I was super nervous 🙈 I looooooove that story! I think it’s so valuable to teach our children lessons in that way than to just shout and punish! That only breaks them down and pushes them away...

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The camera loves you
So hope to see more :)

Oof, I hear this. Need to get better at taking breaks when I get frustrated.

Heehee! It’s hard but it’s so worth it at the end of the day!

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Oh yay! It warms my heart so much to see you say that! I was super nervous 🙈
I looooooove that story! I think it’s so valuable to teach our children lessons in that way than to just shout and punish! That only breaks them down and pushes them away...

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Aww mama, you're beautiful!!! 😍😍😍 I almost screamed and laughed out loud when you showed us the playroom scene, it's all so familiar to us mamas, isn't it? I would have had the total opposite of this reaction if it were my place, which happens to be our living room. 😂 Thank you so much for sharing your heart and thoughts on parenting, so much wisdom and grace in what you're practising. It's been so lovely to finally see you in person, can't wait to hear and see you more @wildwanderer!! 😘

@wildwanderer Quoting Alfie Kohn;" I would somehow have to find more rope". One never realizes how maaany yards of rope a parent needs, especially once their teenage years creeps up on one. It's almost like an ambush Everything you taught them goes out the window and an entirely new battle of wills ensue. Parenting is indeed not for the faint hearted. Blessings!

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Aren't parenting a magic. It can suddenly either turn you into a sweetie pie angel or into a female incredible Hulk. Haha. And it makes you move fast too like Flash and everything in between.

And children always think mess is fun. So our world become upside down yet our hearts are filled with love.

Great job on your first dtubesnap @wildwanderer 👍👍💜 you are so natural for the 1st time.