Wich song I am playing ? 1 steem for the winner

Good night my dear @dtube family 777.

Today 1 short guess challenge. Wich song I am playing in the guitar donde by who ?

I hope that you enjoy this contest. For the winner I will transfer 1 steem to his account.

Have a good night dear friends.

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I looked and listened to a lot of Italian songs on YouTube the last few hours can’t find it. Any tips? Is it modern or old classic?

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haha Great my friend ! I am sorry if you lost your time in that.

One more word about the song: It is about a story of love in Italia...

I cant say you anymore , sory. Too much !

Keep trying :)

Enter Sandman - Metallica

Neither bro. Nobody give me the correct answer yet. Continue trying !

Thanks to visit my “fucking” blog @kenanqhd

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You're a liar. It's Enter Sandman but you don't wanna give me Steem.

Fuck you.

Here is the link man :

The song is " Love theme " By Ennio Morricone.

So i can say that i "fuck you" bro.

Shanti shanti to you see you here.


So no one got the steem. This was so interesting please make another one. 😇

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Not this time, but i hope that next you can discor wich son is !

I am waiting a microphone which arrives in these days to me and then i will make another guess music video !

Thanks for your time here.

Haha take it easy bro. This song is in a lot of films the original song is not that.

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i watched your video but sorry i don't know what song is it, lol
thank for sharing this by the way

Thanks for that bro. Ir downs matter bro what is important is if you enjoy the melody. I use to post some guitar song if you like this stuff keep looking my blog :)

Thanks for your time man

Shanti shanti shantihi om stay bless

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Lovely playing! I wish I could play like that! I don’t know the song but it sounds sad and from a movie hehe

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@vincy thanks for stop you here. Really is a romantic melody and also nostalgic we can say, and yes it is from a movie really good one !

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I think it’s an awesome idea for contest! I thought of doing similar music contests like this too!

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ive heard this.! but i do not know the name. cheers.

Yes, it is from an Italian composer. Really famous one but a lot of hits in films...

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Rick Springfield - Jessie's Girl

I am sorry, but no. It is from an Italian movie.

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