Feeling cute, might delete later

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I put the dude in the dudeoir

if I dude say so myself. So first I would like to thank the academy, it was an honor just to have been nominated by @abh12345 but the joy that I feel now that I am standing before you... just... beyond words right now. I feel so pretty.



Who wore it better?

Vote in the comments.

@carlgnash vs. Scarlett Johansson


Alternate Edit


What should I do with all this junk?

All this junk inside my trunk?



You did. It's the after edit that made the difference. It's the butterfly. Otherwise it would have been a tie.

Ah yes, that old rule: tie goes to the butterfly :)

tie goes to the butterfly


Now let's see if deranged.coin obeys me this time.

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yooooo I disappear for a minute and Carl is posing in a braa!!!

Good thing you came back when you did, lord knows what I would have done next :joy:

Epic - you’re really goodat this! Nailed the pose :D

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Can't see any pictures here 🤔🤔🤔 or is it my network connection ?

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most likely I am too hot for the internet in your location :joy:


Seeing this got me both confused and aroused at the same time😃. You won Boss!!!

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My work here is done :)

😃.. Please post another one???🙃🙏

I don't know why but this made me laugh really hard :)

i did check this post because of your reply and i am laughing like an idiot. best comment😂😘🐉

OMG I so love this, along with the junk inside your trunk 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I am glad I got to see this before you deleted it

Thanks paulag I have a rocking caboose

lol you can keep your caboose and just share more photos :-)

I give it to you lol. You wore it better man 😂😂😂

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Awwww. Sexy! but sorry I’m gonna vote for scarlett johansson! 😂

can't blame ya buddy :)

Now this song keep playin in my head. Idk why.

Yes! I was singing that song in my head when I typed the words "I feel so pretty", so that is probably why the song is playing in your head LOL


1-0 Carl easy!!!

yeah scarjo never really stood a chance against these thunder thighs

OK, this calls for one more deranged coin.


you came out on top in this one for sure x

Unless I came out on bottom ;)

Hahaha excellent. This is a fierce competition!

hahahahaha!!! Well you certainly give 'ol Scarlett a good run for her money eh lol!

Yeah Scarlett who?

Indeed! Shexy Schmexy!

!giphy Cool+dude

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You win! Who wants a classy black&white shot when they can have you? :D

Yeah I messed around with a black and white edit for a minute but really I am more of a sunshine and butterflies kinda girl :)

Haha! I was counting on you! Awesome.

I aim to please :) thanks for the inspiration!

Now we have the winner!!!!


splashes with cold water

lol the last pic got me

I got some man curves I tell ya

Ah, you’re a natural... flirt! 🤗
Fearless and outrageous—-fearlageous, that’s our Carl 🌸🥊

Better than contagious I am sure. Although I will take infectious as well :)

No doubt about it, yes, your sense of fun is infectious :)

Wtf!!!? I can't believe Carl pulled this off @steemitqa. Lol. Carl has won, no doubt😂😂.

The last pic is a brain buster 😂😂 kikikiki

Well I didn't pull it all the way off LOL

Haha. Indeed

You definitely nailed it! ❤️

Hotter than fire. You killed the pose. Whaaat! 😁😁😁

You need more DERANGED (5 DERANGED is needed to send 1 DERANGED a day)

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Oooh La La!! So Sexy!!😜😍😂

Am I the only one wondering how Carl might delete this later? Yes?

Moving on... yes the cuteness is on overload. I bow to your guts :D

the title is a relevant meme reference :) https://knowyourmeme.com/memes/feeling-cute-might-delete-later

My guts acknowledge your thanks with a jiggle like a bowl full of jelly :)

Thank you for the clarification :D

Oh man you killllllllled it!!! The spank me pose is a 100million$!

thanks mate! Hmmm I will take just a million dollars for that pose, I don't need to be greedy :joy:

That last photo tho!!! hahahaha

Bravo gnashter!

Carl "Junk in the trunk" Gnashsty

holy crap you are incredible Carl. Only just seen this competition.... might have to see if @sazzler will allow me to shame myself so ingloriously..... yours would take some beating (in all senses! ;p)

U wore it better, aha'

Thanks misstress may I have another

Of course aha ;)

A specimen of fabulous!

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