DUnite DELEGATION REWARDS are here! Generate a PASSIVE INCOME while supporting creators!

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@DUnite is happy to announce that delegation rewards are finally here!

Delegators will now receive a weekly payout based on the size of their delegation.

The reward pool for delegators represents 85% of the total rewards generated by the @DUnite account.

This means if you're delegating 5% of @DUnite's delegated SP, you'll be getting 5% of the reward pool on each payout, assuming you've been a delegator for at least 7 days at the time of the payout.

The remaining 15% is used to fund Steem based projects.

Currently supported project : Vimm.TV | NEW STEEM BASED LIVE STREAMING PLATFORM


Here's the full list of payouts for this week:

@uhatgaming3021.781SP (6123.735 KVESTS)74 days55.59%3.119 SBD
@kaliju500.914SP (1015.117 KVESTS)34 days9.21%0.517 SBD
@treflo377.852SP (765.728 KVESTS)144 days6.95%0.39 SBD
@tazbaz350.52SP (710.34 KVESTS)28 days6.44%0.362 SBD
@runicar200.123SP (405.555 KVESTS)11 days3.68%0.207 SBD
@the3metrewrap150.496SP (304.985 KVESTS)63 days2.76%0.155 SBD
@shobek120.738SP (244.678 KVESTS)117 days2.22%0.125 SBD
@jrungi100.741SP (204.155 KVESTS)141 days1.85%0.104 SBD
@cgbartow100.614SP (203.897 KVESTS)117 days1.85%0.104 SBD
@veganroma100.344SP (203.349 KVESTS)65 days1.84%0.104 SBD
@joystreamer50.073SP (101.475 KVESTS)27 days0.92%0.052 SBD
@mrwang50.039SP (101.406 KVESTS)14 days0.92%0.052 SBD
@lakethefire31.622SP (64.081 KVESTS)122 days0.58%0.033 SBD
@zneeke28.575SP (57.907 KVESTS)22 days0.52%0.029 SBD
@cipriang25.212SP (51.092 KVESTS)157 days0.46%0.026 SBD
@fractalgaming25.152SP (50.97 KVESTS)115 days0.46%0.026 SBD
@victor18225.125SP (50.916 KVESTS)95 days0.46%0.026 SBD
@markus.light25.081SP (50.827 KVESTS)61 days0.46%0.026 SBD
@curtaintwitcher15.544SP (31.5 KVESTS)28 days0.28%0.016 SBD
@danbiohackingman11.433SP (23.168 KVESTS)21 days0.21%0.012 SBD
@chansetheguy10.077SP (20.421 KVESTS)146 days0.18%0.01 SBD
@thisbejake10.066SP (20.399 KVESTS)125 days0.18%0.01 SBD
@naruitchi10.063SP (20.392 KVESTS)120 days0.18%0.01 SBD
@dirapa10.044SP (20.353 KVESTS)83 days0.18%0.01 SBD
@crypto-moon10.037SP (20.339 KVESTS)69 days0.18%0.01 SBD
@tricki10.016SP (20.297 KVESTS)29 days0.18%0.01 SBD
@scruffy2310.014SP (20.293 KVESTS)26 days0.18%0.01 SBD
@spreadfire110.013SP (20.291 KVESTS)24 days0.18%0.01 SBD
@johnspalding10.011SP (20.287 KVESTS)20 days0.18%0.01 SBD
@iamthenerd10.007SP (20.279 KVESTS)13 days0.18%0.01 SBD
@kuboskeey5.023SP (10.179 KVESTS)88 days0.09%0.005 SBD

5.608 SBD paid out to 34 delegators (Difference: 0.002)*

*The difference will be transferred to the next payout pool



The @DUnite team

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Thats really good stuff , this is a really good idea, RESTEEMED

I'll happily decline my rewards so that you have more to fund Steem based projects.

I'm sorry to ask, but how does this work? I tried posting something and asking, but never got a reply. I'm super newbie.

Our team curates content around the clock and reward authors of high quality content with upvotes and resteems. Creators can also submit their post to us with a 0.25SBD/STEEM donation to receive an upvote (not a bot, each submission is manually reviewed before getting upvoted).

SP Delegations increase the impact we can have and allow us to give bigger rewards or simply reward more authors. We are giving back some of the curation rewards and profits to the people who contribute to the growth of this project.

If you're interested in learning more about the DUnite project, we recommend joining our discord channel! :)


I actually have been a part of it for awhile. I'll ask more questions there. Thanks for the response!

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Be sure to leave at least 50SP undelegated on your account.

Great service. Respectfully following.