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@dustbunny thumbing on - photographed by @fraenk

The struggle with the low STEEM prize continues,

but at least my supporting members see most of their dust fluffed!

The low price of STEEM has inversely affected the dust requirements and that has caused some capacity issues for your busy little @dustbunny.

You currently need 790 SP to beat the dust-limit with a single 100% vote!

In reaction to the capacity shortages and as announced in the last update, @fraenk has tuned my prioritization mechanism in such a way that my supporters are much less likely to see their dust timing out, even despite the capacity shortages. This change has worked as intended, and thanks to the generous delegations on top of the list I am still able to also care for the 200 free users on my watchlist.

This works very well as a quick fix for the sudden slump we've seen on the markets, but it leaves some automatic balancing to be desired as the markets fluctuates further. @fraenk is currently thinking through a more fundamental overhaul of my distribution and prioritization mechanics, to make things even more fair and beneficial to real engagement by considering things like account-sizes and voting-patterns.

Unfortunately this focus on my distribution mechanics has delayed the work on more transparent reporting features. The interface-channel on discord is still not re-enabled for public use, but you can at least check all the live updates on fluffed-up dust and time-outs over there.


divider image by @katerinaramm


My service is basically Free!

If you are a small user and you miss the opportunity to give some appreciation to the best comments on your posts, or you refrain from expressing yourself through your votes because you're afraid to see them wasted as dust, I'm here to help you!

If you're the one leaving those great comments and you do receive dusty votes from well meaning users, just to see them evaporate on payday. I want to help with that, too!

Or maybe you're already a dolphin, but sometimes you're just spreading your love too far and wide to stay above the dust requirements... don't stop, that's awesome! Let me try and help you a bit!

Apply to get on my watch-list by commenting here or apply via discord.

I do reserve the right to scan your account for spam and/or excessive self-voting, but any genuine user creating or participating in engagement on this platform is more than welcome with me!

If you have a little SP to spare, please also consider giving a small delegation. If each of us can give a little, together we can achieve something great. And you wouldn't just want to freeload on the generosity of others forever, or would you?!

You can delegate here: 5SP | 10SP | 25SP | 50SP | 100SP

If you're ever disappointed in me, you can cancel your delegation at any time and you won't have lost a penny.

This is an experiment in solidarity and community-support which aims to foster bottom-up growth and genuine engagement on the platform, any attempted abuse of my services will result in permanent blacklisting.


divider image by @katerinaramm



They are the ones making this possible.

@suesa500 SP
@fraenk250 SP
@wilhb81,, @ericet, @bryan-imhoff, @freebornangel100 SP
@marty-art, @dickturpin, @katerinaramm, @brandt, @linnyplant, @abh12345, @bengy, @drakernoise50 SP
@bashadow, @elizacheng, @yo-yo, @zekepickleman, @bjornb, @insaneworks, @felipejoys, @googlyeyes25 SP
@davidke20, @ewkaw, @wadera, @steemkitten, @googlybot, @anthonyadavisii, @blacklux, @for91days, @jpederson96, @professorbromide, @ackhoo, @newbiegames, @rentmoney, @teamcn-shop, @sparkesy43, @phoenixwren, @mathowl, @steemeow, @cuddlekitten10-20 SP
@orkin420, @gmatthe2, @hockney, @bucipuci, @cherryzz, @markgritter, @themanwithnoname, @mongshter, @marblely<10 SP

Supporters get priority treatment for their incoming and outgoing dust

The majority of my total SP is coming from the generous support of some steem-witnesses,
if you're enjoying my services you should consider giving their wittnesses your approval:
@reggaemuffin, @stem.witness, @drakos



divider image by @katerinaramm

Who Am I, What is Dust and Why am I here? | Join me on Discord!

You can delegate here: 5SP | 10SP | 25SP | 50SP | 100SP

Your upvote on this post helps, too:
100% Power-Up to Fluff Up even More Dust!


Hello, I delegated 25sp. Thanks for what you do. More power to you!

That's awesome! Thanks for your support Karen :D

BTW, how do we do this thing, is this like dustsweeper that I need to send some SBD to have you check my account? ^_^

You're all set... once the bunny has you on the watch-list it continuously monitors your account for incoming and outgoing dust. It will try to fluff up as much as it can if it remains dust 36-12hrs before the payout window ends.

Capacity is limited and the bunny tries to distribute its voting power fairly amongst all the users on the watchlist.

Your delegation gives your dust a small priority bonus. I am still balancing the prioritization mechanics a bit and I'll make a more detailed description of how it works in detail in one of the next @dustbunny update posts.

Awesome. I don't think it will have something to do in my account coz I have dustsweeper and I am subscribed to MB's comment upvote service but I appreciate that you have it for free. I'll tell some good friends about this. Thanks!

I would be very happy, if you could put me on your list. Great Job!

you're on it :D

thanks a lot ;-)

Just a quick note You accidently moved me into the 50SP delegator slot, I would like to get to that level one day, but with what I have outgoing it will be awhile. I am almost back to a two cent vote though. I am still just at 25SP for delegation though.

lol... indeed... but with 25.072 SP you're at least at the very top of the 25SP delegators list... ;)

Which also explains why I've copied you into the wrong row in the table above. It's corrected now.

Yeah, you keep earning SP even on the delegated out SP (learned that not to long ago). When it gets to 1.000SP I will readjust and take the tiny extras out. So far it all adds up to 0.401SP from all the accounts delegated out to.

Voted for the witnesses who help you. Thanks as always for your service! :)

That's awesome, thanks for your ongoing support!

As I told I found this a very interesting service!
Is this comment enough to participate in it ?

Yeah, that's all it needed. I've checked your account activity and self-voting quota and you've passed... self-voting was a close call, but given your high engagement it's fine.

Thank you very much. Self-voting quota was exeeced by me, because I tried to bring some post and comments over the 0.02$ limit for payout, I think they should decrease soon.

@dustbunny just delegated 25SP for you, thanks for the work you do here!

awesome, thanks for the support, I've added you to the bunny-list ;)

Great looking forward to it. @for91days mentioned about this (thanks for that!)

Your job is great and hard. I wish many good luck.

a great hard job for a tiny fluffy bunny :D

He has to run very fast to make it all ;-). I did a little ad on #cesky

Yippee!!! I was the 100th to upvote this post! What do I get, what do I get?!? ;)

lol... you can have a hug!

:) Thank you!

Great! I've delegated something to the exam ...

thanks for the support @krakonos!

really nice :))

more bots for the community!!


yes... more community for the bots!

would be a very good and cool alternative :)

Thanks for clearing some dust for me this past month or so @dustbunny!

The bunny's records indicate it's been a little over a month now :D

30d:       0.795
all time:  1.048

Thanks for the support!

What a nice bunny, thanks a lot!


my favourite kitten :D the one and only real @steemkitten


Can you add a xmas hat to the bunny? It will look super cute!... just asking 😅

oh my that's a wonderful idea :D

I'll have to find one small enough or make one... not sure how I'll prop it up, the bunny is very easily squished... but I'll definitely try!!! I kinda need one for the @googlyprize anyway, and maybe one size will fit both.

That will be lovely!! Dusty christmas edition! :D

Yes! I want it too! :D

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Thanks! I saw the shoutout in @m3bot's introduction post!

There's no direct affiliation with @m3bot, though... afaik it's being run by a fellow @dustbunny user who just joined the service themselves recently -> @michelangelo3

I've added you to the watch-list, capacity is limited especially for free member, but you should see the bunny every once in a while :D

That would be great!...thanks a lot!

Wow. Very interesting service!
Is this comment enough to participate?
Who are the witnesses behind you? :)

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Yeap! That's all it needed. I've checked your account for engagement activities and self-voting, all good, you're now on the watch-list.

Who are the witnesses behind you? :)

You can read this post, if you want to know why/how I started @dustbunny. There are no witnesses directly behind this program but it is being generously supported by some with their delegations. I'll just quote the footer again ;)

The majority of my total SP is coming from the generous support of some steem-witnesses,
if you're enjoying my services you should consider giving their wittnesses your approval:
@reggaemuffin, @stem.witness, @drakos

Thanks! Looking forward to see dustbunny work (:

Ah, and btw:
Reggaemuffin is a really cool guy.. :)

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Very nice, that you exists.

Hi guys I like to get on your list with my account hope this will help out a little bit to save some resources ;)

with sunny greetings from Andalusia

Don T

You're putting me in a tough spot here, you're already on the watch-list with your main account.

Reviewing this account reveals that you are also pseudo-self-dust-voting a lot of your own comments there and vice-versa, too!

Not really sure what to think/do about that to be honest.

How would you evaluate the situation?

I´m @don-thomas answering for the other [email protected] because the other account is not able to do so because of not having enough resource-credits !

thanks for your answer, but I am not aware that it is prohibited to have two accounts.
To be honest to you the first account @don-thomas is a 100% company account it is linked to the company what is named in the site from don-thomas ( I am the managing director from this company and it is not a personal account.
I am not able to post private things on this account because this is not allowede by the contract with the Co.

The other account (new) what you named second account is the private account from the person behind don-thomas --> me Thomas and so I named it @don-t to make clear that these two have a relationship but private and company means two different things, don´t you think so?

And why should it be forbidden to vote and resteem the company account (which is feed be money of the company and not mainly from the community).
In the company I have to do and communicate things like the company want it, not like I want it, therefor the other privat account was needed because there it´s possible to post what I like without having to respect any laws of my contract I guess you understand this.
If not it is also okay with me than support the company account don-thomas and forget about the other one.

But keep in mind the company account is supporting the community as a curator from the steem-bootcamp and we take this very serious, and furthermore the company-account votes for a lot more people see the stats there is under 3% selfvote (and most of that is coming from a trail from the steem-bootcamp).

I only want to support the other account in starting under this very mad new circumstances to come up faster to do the same like the company account "supporting the community".
The company account has spent a lot more than its becoming back and will go on with this, we dont have any delegations from other Steemians, moreover we delegate the most of our SP to the steem-bootcamp Curation-account, we invest own money and take own desicions like we want to do.

I guess this enough to help you think positive on this issue ;)

with sunny greetings from Andalusia
Don T

Hey, thanks for the detailed response!

Let me just clarify, I don't see any issue at all with using multiple accounts (I myself use a whole bunch for various purposes) and you don't have to justify the way you vote.

I'm coming from the perspective of the bunny's functionality in that it tries to fluff up received and given dust for it's buddies. And it's willing to do that for free, which is only possible through generous support from the community.

The way your two accounts interact - especially with the dust voting on each other's comments - does create a bit of a conflict as it would basically start supporting you supporting yourself using the community's funds...

That's actually my only concern here!

I was also a bit confused about how your business account joined via discord and @don-t then comes by on this already expired post as if it was unrelated... but that's probably just me raising an eyebrow and getting the wrong impression. I wouldn't hold it against you.

Ah man, I could do with some Andalusian sun right now.

Hey fraenk that´s nice to hear that you don´t get problems with multiple accounts I thought that´s the point.

I was also a bit confused about how your business account joined via discord and @don-t then comes by on this already expired post as if it was unrelated...

that´s one of the bad things in STEEMIT you never find directly what you´re looking for and because I´m not related with the second account yet to any discord where the other account is connected so I took the post what I found before.

And about the sun just enter the next plane and you got it, it´s still beautiful and warm here. Oh yeah and you´re welcome ;)
Zwischenlinie-2 für Steem-Post 940x120.png
mit sonnigen Grüßen aus Andalusien

Don Thomas

Whoops...I must be tired...I just up-voted this comment before noticing that it is six months old.

My intentions were good though :~I

I noticed a @dustbunny vote today on one of my dust-sized freewrite earnings that knocked it to $0.03 -- thank you!

I will share and safe this post till better times.

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Im a str8 dust dealer!

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Thanks @dustbunny. Can you please add me to your watch list?

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What a creative creature you are. But sorry also disgusting

Thanks @dustbunny and thanks to those who delegate to dustbunny!

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