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RE: Dustsweeper 1 Year - [NEW] Invest in Dustsweeper

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First congratz on the 1 year.

Second wouldn't it be profitable if users was able to reinvest their profits? So every "daily" payout would just go into their balance.

P.s I have done any math xD

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I guess by paying it out, it enables delegators to choose how they wish to use their returns. If they wish to use it for a balance top up, it doesn't take a lot of RC to transfer it back, but if they wish to use it for something else, they have access to it.

I do, however, wonder whether daily payouts are necessary (they are often fairly small). It could perhaps be done weekly instead.

Thats correct, paying it out gives more flexablity for the investor.
But again, it could be awesome to have it as an investment option. Or base it on a token.

And ye true, its quite small x)

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Fair point. Options are always good, but it guess it would come down to how much would be involved in coding/administration of the options. The simplicity of dustsweeper in general is something probably helps it

True. I am just dashing out ideas, I dont have much coding experience when it comes to bots :p

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