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Click here for Dustsweeper's announcement post

Initial issues and bugs - What the future has to bring.

We had an initial high spike of new users which made it difficult to predict the required SP needed to operate the service. Now, after 2 weeks we have reached around 7K SP, which for the moment is sufficient. Going forward, by allowing the Voting Power to drop to about 50% we will have enough room to maneuver and adjust SP as demand changes.

Double bugs

Dustsweeper had two initial bugs which had an impact on the calculated voting values.

The first one was linked to the bot’s voting power which didn’t refresh properly after each vote. This caused the bot to sometimes vote with a lower than expected value.

The second bug had to do with the steem rounding algorithm. Due to this rounding, small changes in the voting weight will not have a visible change in the vote value. As I had the rounding wrong I was expecting different values.

The combination of these bugs caused @dustsweeper to sometimes vote with a lower value and sometimes with a higher value. I compared @dustsweeper's value with both the steemnow.com calculator and the value from GINAbot and I got contradicting results. I even pinged GINAbot's Discord support group to confirm that their values were correct. Apologise for that @neander-squirrel. 😉

Recovering and payback

The two bugs are fixed and it didn't cause too much harm. A number of votes received a lower value than expected, and in total 8 comments failed to stay above the dust payout threshold. This had also partially to do with the price drop a few days ago. For all those impacted I have compensated by increasing the outstanding balance.

dust sweeper
Designed by @charisma777

Dustsweeper Upcoming Changes

Interested to know what is coming next? Here is a couple of things that we have in the pipeline and will introduce shortly. Please stay tuned!

  • Send gifts to other users.
  • Opt-in for outgoing votes to reward other users.
  • Discord Support server and a Discord Dust-Bot.

Dustsweeper Stats

The aim is to release some regular updates with Dustsweeper statistics. This might start in the upcoming week or so. Here is a brief overview for now:

  • Just a bit over 200 Users are registered.
  • $400 in total outstanding upvote balance for all users.
  • A total of $25 saved from turning into dust.

ps. If you wonder about the cool @dustsweeper graphics above, they were all designed by @charisma777. Please check out her post: https://steemit.com/dust/@charisma777/a-gift-for-dustsweeper

Please consider voting me as a Witness.

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Thanks for keeping us updated @danielsaori.

Looks like you're doing a great job. Not sure what the updates refer other than the first one but am happy to wait until they're done and can be explained then.

Thanks for all you're doing. It's much appreciated! 😊

Thanks Gillian.
The 2nd point will make the bot work on dust votes you give to other users. So if you upvote UserA with only $0.01, dustsweeper will make sure the vote of yours is not turned into dust. So you won't gain anything yourself from this, other than the curation reward. The main idea will be to support others.

For the 3rd point you will see when it is out. :)

That's sounds amazing @danielsaori but I don't quite get the finances of it.

What would be more cost effective to upvote at 1c and let dustsweeper pay the balance from my balance which means, presumably, that I could spread my vote around more, or for me to upvote 3c straight away and not involve dustsweeper which means, presumably, that I couldn't spread my vote around so much? 😊

It won't be more cost-effective, you are basically paying for other persons to be saved from dust. But it will allow you to vote with small amounts and still not feel like your vote is wasted.

An account with 500SP can only vote on average 30 times a day when giving out $0.03 votes, so for those wanting to vote more, and at the same time help others, Dustsweeper would be a solution.

OK. Thanks @danielsaori. Sounds great! 😊

@danielsaori how do I check balance or ping the bot?

At the moment you can only get an update by transferring an amount bigger than $0.001 to get an update. But we will make this available via a Discord bot.

The bot will also reply to one of your comments if your balance is running low. So you will be notified that way at the moment.

Will try it out because I don't see much happening on my back end for my 2sbd

Awesome work!!!

Thank you!!!

@danielsaori, you might want to put the minimum send up:
As a programmer myself, I already have a steem-python app which can do this automatically! So I would recommend upping the minimum, otherwise you'd be offering a 4x upvote!

~ @cadawg

Cool, good catch. Someone could try to abuse that and double the payout. Would be easy to spot though if someone would send hundreds of 0.002 transactions. :)

I will modify the amount added to the balance to take the 0.001 into account. Thanks for letting me know!

No problem! Your service seems fair and awesome so I didn't want anyone to waste the vp!

~ another developer, @cadawg

I'm super please to see you run this project with such transparency and diligence... KUDOS!

Thanks for evolving the service even further. Works fine for me!

I wrote a short post about it for our german speaking folks.

Danke schön!
I noticed your post when you published it and gave it my full vote. Super cool with so many people supporting this initiative.

You earn every bit of support for the idea!

There are so many things out there on steemit which i cannot understand. I have to accelerate my learning lol

If there is anything you would like to ask, just please let me know.
More than happy to help.

Thank you very very much! I have bookmarked you....I will contact you whenever I have any doubts...

Thanks for keeping us updated!

Now I can get the word out! :) ... Thanks for the update to everyone and also thanks for all the awesome work on this project Daniel!

No problem! And thanks to you, Partner.
I basically just wrote some lines of code, made some bugs, fixed them and wrote an update. ;)

Some important stuff, let's try to push that FAQ in a day or two. Will get back to you soon so we can move ahead with that. I think an FAQ would be valuable for many users. To fill gaps and to provide information that we left out in the announcement post.

lol... you didn't make the bugs, you exterminated them! :P

And looking forward to it!

Send gifts to other users.

That I think is fantastic news, and something I will be looking forward to. So many new users trying to gain a foothold on steemit, that it takes time to build that 1 SBD up. I know I have a hard time doing it some weeks. But to be able to have another method to help the new user out in their first month that is going to be fantastic.

And yes @charisma777 did a fine job on those graphics, if you haven't seen them, you should see the ones she did for @thehive.

Great to hear that there are more people looking forward to this.
At the moment I wish I had some more time available so I can push this asap. But will aim to have it out within a week.

Thank you for the update and for the service. Sorry I don't have much else to add other than it's working for me and I'm happy about it.

If there would be anything, don't hesitate to ask.
As soon as we have the Discord server/bot setup it will probably be easier to stay up to date and ask questions.

Glad to hear no 'major issues' Thank you again @danielsaori and @davemccoy. I have noticed a difference :) I am loving @dustsweeper

Glad to hear that. Thx for your comment.

Getting ready to sign up and starting that post we talked about on it sir! Thanks @DANIELSAORI !!!

Bye bye Dust.
Generous of you John for your gift to @tillysfamilyfarm.
I have added $1 to their account. Have you made them aware of it, so there is no surprise about the votes? :)

Yes, they should know. I announced it in the contest reveal and tagged them. However I'm trying to put together my @newbieresteemday post and haven't checked any notifications really. I've really only responded to one guy who I saw needed help with a key/password question. I'm giving away shares in your program from here on out for the first responder bonus on all my contests. This is probably the best program I've heard of since starting here and I'm completely dedicated to spreading the word... But some people are hard listeners, so I'll gift them shares and they'll have no choice other then to know about @dustsweeper!!!


With the upcoming "send a gift" feature it will be much easier to do this.
When it is released I will send you a donation for you to use in your contests.

Have a great weekend!

WOW! Thank you so much sir! That will really help. I'm always giving away more than I have, so I stay pretty broke. 😁 I will gladly and graciously accept any donation that you can offer, and put it to good use. Thank you again.

Also, are you part of the newbieresteemday crew?

I'm part of the group but not the crew. ;)
My comment challenge was newbieresteemday's first partner game I believe. That how I got to know about the group.

Added your donation for Yati as well.
The first vote was already delivered and some dust saved. :)


i have a question about how you are tracking the dust votes. Once i enroll in the service, do you track all comments after that or just the comments which are in there 6th day for anyone enrolled?

Sorry I didn't get back to you. Guess it is sort of linked to the other question.

It will track all comments no matter when you joined.
Hope you are happy with my answer to your other question. :)

Hey! So I'm very, very interested in signing up! How do I do so? Just send SBD? Or is there a further process?

Sorry if there was a link in the post, I looked but my sorry eyes didn't see it!

Yes, just send a small amount of SBD or STEEM to @dustsweeper.

Good you mentioned the link. I will add that to have a reference to the announcement post.

Are you aware of many instances where @dustsweeper has failed to apply an upvote? From memory I may have had a couple, though finding them could be tough if you need specific examples.

Until we got the current SP level the bot was struggling to keep up with all comment, so some posts were skipped. That is most likely the reason.
I will keep an eye on it in the next few days just to make sure there is nothing else wrong.

That would explain it. For me any dust upgrade is a bonus anyway

Hi, couldn't find a logical explanation for it.
Before we had the current amount of SP, the bot couldn't keep up and was skipping some comments, but I don't think that was the case two days ago...

It could be linked to the maintenance when I fixed the above bugs. I had the bot shutdown for a longer period, so perhaps this comment missed the window. I did a test with two of your comments just before and it worked on both.

So I would say it was linked to the maintenance.

thanks for the reply. Just wanted to be sure that if there is a issue, its found. Coder myself :)

Thx Panda! :)

Looks great but what does it do?

Hi, I just updated the post to included the link to the announcement post.
Please read that and hopefully it will be a bit more clear. Let me know if you have any questions.


how to make steemconnect, with you.

Do you wonder about the witness voting via steemconnect?
It is just a simplified way to vote, you follow the instructions and login with your active key.

I really want to join you @danielsaori.

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