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RE: Grass fed steak well done - Dvlog 28

in #dvlog4 years ago

@pinacle i agree, if the steak is not pink inside, its not a steak! Steemit on the big screen, Tunes playing in the background, Steak cooking, the only thing that would have made this Vlog better is if you randomly jumped in the pool. I would have cracked up dude! Good post as always, keep it up


The only real way to cook a steak is on a grill. Stale pepper that isn't freshly cracked too, and you baked it in the oven? This is how you get dry flavorless steak. For shame.

Sorry if that was a bit jerkish, I get passionate about cooking lol

You're tossing a hunk of beef into a frying pan. Fire up a pan on medium heat, and heat up a teaspoon of oil for a minute, and then lay the steak in the pan.

@keepinitreal your sense of imagery is stupendously good.

"if you randomly jumped in the pool i would have cracked up dude!'

That got me. It's rib-cracking.

Good job @pinacle. keep your hands to this.

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