Grass fed steak well done - Dvlog 28

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I usually fry the steaks for 12 minutes and let sit for 5 minutes, but these steaks were extra thick so I baked them in the oven for an extra 10 minutes, knowing they would turn out well done.

I prefer my steak medium with pink center, but that's not easy for me to achieve with extra thick steaks in a frying pan.

Black beans and white rice accompanied my steak for a great meal.

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O man steaks, don't make me think about them. Right now I am at a place from where I cannot have steaks but I am dying to eat it.
Yea, grass fed stakes are the beat

where are you?
Outta space?


@pinacle i agree, if the steak is not pink inside, its not a steak! Steemit on the big screen, Tunes playing in the background, Steak cooking, the only thing that would have made this Vlog better is if you randomly jumped in the pool. I would have cracked up dude! Good post as always, keep it up

The only real way to cook a steak is on a grill. Stale pepper that isn't freshly cracked too, and you baked it in the oven? This is how you get dry flavorless steak. For shame.

Sorry if that was a bit jerkish, I get passionate about cooking lol

You're tossing a hunk of beef into a frying pan. Fire up a pan on medium heat, and heat up a teaspoon of oil for a minute, and then lay the steak in the pan.

@keepinitreal your sense of imagery is stupendously good.

"if you randomly jumped in the pool i would have cracked up dude!'

That got me. It's rib-cracking.

Good job @pinacle. keep your hands to this.

You ever had a streak where the cows diet was smoke weed and eat Doritos ?

man! Bacon earlier, now a steak!!!! You're really making me drool. I'll have one when I get home. haha!

I like steak with vegetables, it is so delicious. And with spices it is yummy. Have a great weekend!

I love steaks. I would go to eat some steaks at a local restaurant here though they are not high-quality. Thanks for bringing us the moments to enjoy together.

Oh god it looks so delicious ;__;

Very good delicious, yumy l like the pool thanks

looks delicious and tasty

OMG I can't wait to try this!

good meat dishes yes fella @pinacle

yuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmiiiiiiiiii :D

bagus, walau pun postingan kamu sederhana tapi saya akan mengikuti kamu, proses terus karya karya baru

I like to cook my steak on a dry pan, steaks have their own oil. When I can't grill. If it is a ribeye I will throw a lump of butter on top at the end and let it melt.

Gracias por explicarno como hacer el bistec, me encanta la cocina y me gusta aprender estare al pendiente de tus post.

Steaks are healthy and delicious. Nice meal you have for prepared for yourself wish I could join. And I would have added a little butter on them, would have been yummm. @pinacle

thank you for telling me how to cook and fried steak.pasti everybody very happy.have followed you always @pinacle

wow testy food @pinacle
the food is yumy

some steak with my favorite color, ping color :)
.but roasting his love and patience, i really like .thanks to take us moments for enjouy. i really enjoy your way

It looks delicious @pinacle, I provoke throwing the diet out the window and try a good steak dish,

Sounds yummy, yummy yummy says my tummy

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awesome #dvlog , I appreciate this cooking recipe and would like to see more from you! thanks for the dtube video.

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That looks so yummy I could eat some of that right now 👍 just subscribed

I am just waiting for great meal.........ohoho just yamm

its an easy recipe and looking delicious thanks for sharing this nice one

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Health food, maybe not 😀. Resteem

A high culinary art is the unique ability of man, about which it is impossible to say nothing bad.

u always post something interesting..
keep up the good work @pinacle

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This is an Arepa, is delicious, you are going to lose your diet but it is really worthy.

Woow very good l like, delicious food yumy

Cuando el bistecs está muy grueso; lo puedes golpear un poquito con una piedad de machacar ajo y esto ayuda también a absorba la sal más rápido igual que cualquier otro condimento.

Deliciuos indeed, how i wish @punacle u cam make a crypto steak !

Que rico...😋😋😋
Te invito a visitar mi blog

thick steak @pinacle, great meal yes hahaha .steak is great for this night enjoying the results of your work effort
Im enjouy the videos .thanks for sharing @pinacle

Nice one 👍yum!
If you want perfect medium steak every time could use a meat thermometer ,63 C or 145 F for medium internal temp to take out of the oven and rest it so he slightly higher then.

looks great!! i will start following your exciting posts!