ULOG #2: STEEMGIGS TALK SHOW: I'm too sexy for the red markets

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Hello everyone, this ulog post is about the steemgigs talk show that held last weekend (23-06-2018), and the catch phrase was

I'm too sexy for the red markets
@surpassinggoogle wasn't present because he had to attend to a pressing issue (his dad is ill and is in the hospital), please in your little way let us offer up some words of prayer on his behalf because he really needs it now more than ever.
@mermaidvampire and @maverickinvictus had to moderate in his stead and they both did good.
@mermaidvampire stressed the fact that the ulogs community needed programmers and those that are knowledgeable in that field should forward in an application.
@mermaidvampire equally made mention of organizing a Steemit Give Back Challenge that it would serve as a medium to say thilank you and to show gratitude to those who have being of little/great help to us in steemit and that it would also encourage them to do more (I am in support of this).
She talked about those who make wrong use of the #Ulog and #ulogs tags and how they can be controlled or sanctioned but she also mentioned that we should not use our steem power to flag them that it's precious instead we can easily drop a comment on the post notifying the user of the wrong use of the tags.

Later that evening was the music show, I didn't know who and who was singing but the two sang the "we've found lovely in a hopeless place

I enjoyed the show it was my first time witnessing the show without any network glitches and I am happy I did..

At the very end everything's gonna be alright I'm still @amikable



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Wow, i must confess i love your drive and enthusiasm for this platform, am really elated that you're here, keep shinning my dear. 💕

Yea, she's got all the qualities to be successful on the platform... Its better to pass time here nd get the least pay than Facebook that pays you nothing... That's the mentality that kept me going and the fact that People close to me were making above $5 per post was a drive to do more and be better.

@amikable always look for contest you can join, they help a lot too and always aim at winning because when you win, it brings popularity to your blog. I can't count how many contests I won as a newbie.. Keep up the good work dear... This is just to encourage you. I love your spirit!

Thanks a lot @iamchijamz and @desmoniac for the advice I really appreciate it although it's not being easy I must confess there are some constraints I'm facing but I believe with time I will break even
I'm always on the look out for contest, but Omo e no easy oh some persons out here are equally good too, but I will keep trying till I win.
Thanks for the heads up