Wisdom tooth emergency!

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Sorry #dynamicsteemians, I am in too much pain to fully concentrate on our group and making comments with ya'll for at least a week.

Funny how during my most stressful and most transitional period of my life, I have a #wisdomtooth lodging itself in the most impossible way into my molar. Having union insurance didn't help the situation as it was never covered this when it became an issue. Now I need emergency surgery and Medicare has me waiting a week for a emergency surgery.

The pain is unreal. Luckily, through persistent diet and exercise I have had a much better prognosis on my mouths 'cleanliness'. The last Dentist I went to 3 years ago said I needed a full cleaning possibly 2 😲😬😅. Hopefully the Oral Surgeon agrees and that Gidget our family dog will take care of me after the surgery as she is the only reason I was able to move back. She is a old dog with a heart of gold... #orthopedicsurgery #fml #dentist #pain #lotsofpain #anxiety #share2steem #steemit


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