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Video contents are widely accepted because people tend to appreciate content expressed in video forms than another expressed in writing.
Because of the widespread acceptance, it became necessary that something should be done to take the video content sharing industry from where it is to where it ought to be.

For the purpose of this article, I will highlight some of the current issues and challenges in the video content sharing industry. That way, you will be in a better position to understand the true position of things as they pertain to unifying the system.

Here are some of the issues that are tenable in the conventional video sharing industry:

Because most video sharing platforms are centralized, it is clear why censorship is one of the major challenges. It implies that it is now difficult for video content creators to have full control over their contents because the third-party platforms reserve the rights to approve or, remove or make modifications to the videos.

Copyright Issues
Plagiarism is at the core of the decline in the appreciation of video contents. Now, video content creators are certain that 3 out of every 5 video contents they put out there will be plagiarized or stolen.

Because there are limited security checks to kick against that, it has now become the order of the day.
You can upload a video today on YouTube and within a few weeks, someone else will download it and start circulating as his.

Lack of Monetization
Moreover, video content creators need to make money too, but that hasn’t always been the case. Instead, they are either given stringent conditions of getting paid for their videos or they will have to depend on the decision of the video sharing platform to pay them or not.

Lack of Transparency
Moreover, transparency is now a luxury considering that there is little or no trust on the part of video content creators for the platforms where they host their videos.

Something can be done to salvage what is left of the video content sharing industry and that is the idea behind the Earneo platform.


This is an innovative video content sharing platform that is hinged on the basis of facilitating video transfer from one end to the other. As expected, the platform will be devoid of most of the challenges that are tenable in the conventional video content sharing platforms.

The highlights of this platform are explained below:

Fair Video Sharing
For the first time, video content creators can now be fairly rewarded for their inputs towards the growth of the video sharing industry.

At the same time, Earneo will adequately reward and monetize video content creators, as well as other important parties in the ecosystem.

So, it is safe to state that Earneo is one of the most disruptive platforms that aim to create and forge unlimited opportunities for video content creators.

Video Moderation
Copyright issues and censorship can be curtailed to a larger extent if there were a mechanism in place to forestall that and nip it in the bud.

That is the idea behind the unique consensus mechanism exclusive to Earneo. The name is Proof of Moderation (PoM).

As the traditional blockchain consensus mechanisms work, PoM is designed to aid in the validation of video contents that are approved of on Earneo.

The concept entails that moderators in the broader Earneo ecosystem will validate videos uploaded by the video content creators. If the required number of validations is not attained, it simply means that the video doesn’t comply with the requirements of contents on Earneo.

Therefore, such contents will not be validated nor allowed to be visible on the Earneo video sharing platform.

Earn per View
No matter your role in the entire decentralized video content sharing economy of Earneo, there is always an opportunity for you to make money.

You can make money per views of videos you watch on the platform. This is exclusive to three parties on the platform, viz:

  • Video content creators who are paid for their video contents they produced and made available for the Earneo community to watch and be entertained.

  • Video content viewers who are rewarded for spending their valuable time watching or viewing videos on the platform.

  • Moderators are also billed to earn 3% of the advertising revenue generated by Earneo for taking the time to go through and validate videos to be uploaded on Earneo Tube.

Wrapping Up
Earneo is not only resolving the current challenges in the video content sharing industry. It is also blocking off potential issues too and making the ecosystem inclusive and conducive for everyone to thrive.


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